2004 News & Events for Knighthawk Armoury

  News From 2004  

We hope that EVERYONE had a safe, wonderful, and Merry Christmas!

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We want to wish everyone a safe and gloriously happy Holiday Season!

We also wish all of you a wonderful, happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

All the best to you and yours!!!!

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It was brought to my attention that both Rampant Mouse and a new competitor named Badger's Den were offering the Ex-Caliber line of products at a lower price than I was offering!

That, of course, was an entirely unacceptable situation.

Thus I have lowered my prices and ONCE AGAIN offer you, the customer, the absolutely lowest prices on Earth for these superb products. And remember, if you find these products legitimately offered at a lower price by anyone else, let me know and I'll beat their price. Guaranteed!

And by the way, it is my opinion that a five-cent pricing difference is a game, not an honest price reduction.   :/
My last price reduction was by five dollars across the board.

This is just one more reason to buy from Knighthawk! Remember, our entire focus is on these fabulous latex-foam weapons. We're not into clothing, saddles, burrito wrappers, or anything else. The information pages are just one example of the benefit to this level of dedication.

Buying from us also means that you can always get in touch with a real, live human being if you ever help with your order, or information and/or advice regarding these products!

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We have received our next shipment of product! YAY! That means that we now have Heavy Morning Stars and Wakazashi's in stock.

I have received three new products that are way cool:
    > Ball Mace
    > Basic War Hammer
    > Extended War hammer

I only have two samples of each product, and I've no clue what the pricing is on these items. As soon as the pricing information becomes available and I have some idea of when I can expect product to be available, I'll update the website with these new items!

HAPPY VETERAN's DAY!!! Thanks to ALL the veterans who have helped make the world a better place for everyone!

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Knighthawk Armoury has its first mention in a newpaper article, a story about NERO written up in the North Raleigh News. They got it right!

I want to take this opportunity to thank both the NERO organization and all of the great people in NERO who have worked with Knighthawk for both of our benefits. A VERY special "thank you" goes to Michael Champion of NERO EPIC without whose active and enthusiastic assitance the NERO/Knighthawk connection might not have been made!

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I received an email from LarpWorks, one of the groups that has sanctioned the line of Knighthawk Armoury products. LarpWorks does table-top gaming as well as live action roleplaying, and the email contained this HILARIOUS set of rule clarifications for the game In Nomine.

Don't forget to enjoy the Dallas Comic-Con tomorrow if you are in the area!

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I finally got the Fencon pictures organized and posted onto the web. Note that they reside on the Dallas IFGS website, since that site has way more spare space than I have here!

Generic Fencon 1 photos! These include shots of the Dealer's Room and Fight The Knight (FTK), an event that was co-hosted by Knighthawk Armoury and the Dallas Chapter of IFGS. Note that Larry Noven and Ellizabeth Moon both enjoyed themselves IMMENSELY at FTK!

The Dallas IFGS also ran two teams through a mini-game called Midnight Shuffle. Here's the pix for Team 1 and for Team 2.

As you can see, an excellent time was had by all!

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Fencon was fun! Larry Niven and Elizabeth Moon were a blast! Both of them took up some of our weapons and joined in the Fight The Knight event that we held. Elizabeth has had some fencing and some kendo, and it showed. Larry had a GREAT time, mobbed by vicious munchkins from all sides. Be sure to check out the pictures when I get them posted.

The IFGS mini-game was also a hoot! Two teams ran through the game and had a grand time. The kids actually did better than the adults - their team found ALL the loot that was available while the adult team missed a portion of what was available! *Grin*

We'll definitely be back next year!

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We had a GREAT show at AnimeFest! We introduced our new product: the War Master's Baldric at the show, and sold one of the two we had with us!

The WarMaster's Baldric is an over-the-shoulder, 3" wide strap that holds just about any sword or axe over your back -AND - has a 3" ring at the lower join to hold any other weapon you might wish to carry. It looks and feels FABULOUS!!! Believe me when I say that the pictures do NOT do the Baldric justice! But don't take MY word for it, come on down to FenCon this coming weekend and see for yourself!

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Good HEAVENS, it has been busy, but I have finally gotten around to updating the Approval List on the home page. I've also updated the Links page.

Knighthawk Armoury welcomes both Blood of Heroes and the CCWMAA to the growing collection of LARPs - and now Martial Arts dojos - that have approved the Knighthawk Armoury line of products for use.

We are gearing up for the AnimeFest this weekend at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dallas, TX.

On a personal note, I just returned from a wonderful gaming experience with the Southern California IFGS. There were three separate games and two of them were night games - which were new to me! Way cool and WAAAAAAAY fun!

On another positive note, my friend John and I both introduced our personal Knighthawk Armoury weapons to the SoCal Safety Officer and they were fully approved!

And if THAT were not enough, we have a new product that will be added to our line very soon now: the WarMaster's Baldric. This is an over-the-shoulder, 3" wide strap that holds any sword over your back -AND - has a 3" ring at the lower join to hold any other weapon you might wish to carry. It looks FABULOUS!!!

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Knighthawk Armoury will be at the 2004 Dallas ComicCon on the 23rd and 24th of October, 2004. The convention will be held in the Plano Convention Center, just like last year.

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I was sent a couple of very interesting links. The first one is regarding Master Swordsmith Daniel Watson setting a tameshigiri record with one of his own swords: Tameshigiri Record. Thanks, Paul!

The next one is a funny comic to which we can ALL relate: 20040817-PVP. Thanks, Sharon!

We are now in the process of building several custom weapons. If you'd like a customized latex-foam weapon or prop, please read and understand the information on the Custom Weapons page.

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Finally!!! We are now ready to accept orders for custom weapons. Customers that want to order a custom weapons MUST read and understand the information on the Custom Weapons page.

We've also added very affordable coreless foam Vampire Stakes in our set of Additional Products.

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We welcome Talan to the growing community of LARPs that have approved the Knighthawk Armoury line of products for use in their gaming system.

Get ready....Custom Orders will go live this weekend, so get your specs and drawings/pictures ready to go!

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This site has been offline for the last two days. Why? Because my hosting company CATALOG.COM has been under a Denial Of Service attack for the last two days. The good news is that they have now re-routed all of the hostile traffic and moved their hosted websites to a different server.

On the PLUS side....

Get ready....we're almost ready to start accepting Custom Orders. If you have a custom order you'd like created, get your specifications ready - and a drawing or a picture if possible. When we're ready we'll analyze your specs and give you a bid on what it will cost to create. After that it's up to you!

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All of my shipments have arrived, and they include the NEW PRODUCTS that I have been expecting, including the Samurai's Wakazashi, Coreless Throwing Daggers, and the gorgeous Cavalier's Scabbard!

Most of the shields that I received are colored! I have six of the Basic Heater Shields in the plain gold - like pictured on the website, but ALL of the other shields I received have different color patterns. If you are interested in acquiring one of these dramatic shields, BE SURE to follow the directions on the product page and clearly indicate which shield you'd like!

And finally, all my backorder have now been filled.

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GREAT NEWS! We welcome Live Action War Gaming (L.A.W.G.) to the growing community of LARPs that have approved the Knighthawk Armoury line of products for use in their gaming system.

Shipment #2 news: The Leather Sword Frogs have arrived, so I can fill all of my remaining backorders except two! The boxes will get to the UPS store tomorrow, but because of the holiday weekend they won't get shipped out until Tuesday.

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We have a new product: the Cavalier's Scabbard. This gorgeous scabbard looks great and....well, check it out for yourself!

I was finally able to make it to a Nero Epic event on Saturday. I got a chance to NPC and to renew my friendship with these marvelous people! It was a lot of fun despite the rain - though I was VERY grateful for the large pavilion!     :)

My first shipment arrived last Thursday, and by Friday evening I had shipped out all of the backorders that I could fill. To my deep regret, shipment #2 has not yet been sent, and it contains what I need to complete clearing out my backorders - mostly Leather Sword Frogs and Morning Stars. To those who who are still waiting for their order I offer my apologies and my promise to fill your order just as soon as humanly possible!

The good news is that I have heard from the supplier: the Leather Sword Frogs were shipped separately and are on their way!

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Rejoice!!!! One of my shipments is ON THE WAY!!! I have UPS Ground tracking numbers in hand and THAT means that I'll have product in by the middle of next week! All back orders will be filled the day my shipment comes in. Magus, you'll have your stuff by Friday COB!

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At least one of my shipments will be in my hot little hands next week. Apparently customs had the shipment in bureaucratic limbo after they received it. Let's hope nothing else crops up...

One thing I forgot to mention about A-Kon:
The Knighthawk weapons were the only weapons that were freely allowed in A-Kon without having to be peace-bonded, tied down, sheathed, or left in the trunk of your car! Seeing people walking around the convention with their Knighthawk weapons - in the open and fully available - was way cool!

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I spoke with both of my suppliers today and have learned that the shipments that they expected have not yet been delivered to them! The source of this problem is the factory. The bottom line is that the EARLIEST that I can expect my shipment to arrive is not this week, but next week.

I sincerely apologize to those of you that have backorders pending. If I could fill your orders now I would. And remember that filling your orders will be the very FIRST thing that I'll do once I do get my shipment in hand.

Those of you who have been waiting over two weeks can expect a coupon to be included in your shipping notice to help make the delay a little more palatable.

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A-Kon was FABULOUS! The people were there to have a good time, the costumes were everywhere and were wonderful, and the place had a seriously upbeat attitude all weekend long! It helps that we did well at the show, but A-Kon was simply a WAY fun experience. If you are an Anime fan, then THIS was the place to be. Some of the fun has been captured and is on display in the A-Kon Photo Gallery.

Our table was packed almost the entire duration of the show! WHEW! We'll definitely be there next year!

We also signed up to be at AnimeFest from 03-06 September, 2004 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas, Tx.

About the only less-than-perfect item was the fact that the TWO SHIPMENTS that I ordered months ago were delayed twice - just in time to miss the show. *Sigh*

The good news is that I >>SHOULD<< be getting everything in stock late next week. As usual, the backorders will get filled first. Let's hope that there are no more "delays"....

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I joined the Banner Exchange program at Dragon's Cavern. Roger Caneda runs the program and created a nice banner ad for Knighthawk Armoury. All of the other members of this program sell actual metal weapons, so the inclusion of Knighthawk Armoury makes for a nice complementary presence!

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I spoke with my suppliers today and learned that my next shipments will be in AFTER next weekend. The shipments include every product in the catalog, so all of my backorders will be fulfilled no later than three days after I actually receive my stock.

If I'm really lucky I'll get a partial shipment in time for A-Kon, which is happening next weekend, 4/5/6-JUN-2004. I was
REALLY counting on having product in time for the convention.

*Sigh* We'll see what makes it....

Other news
Knighthawk Armoury has agreed to its first full-blown print advertisement in the Dexcon 2004 program. We'll have a full color, full-page ad right next to the index! It was bloody expensive but I'm hoping that it will provide exposure of these fabulous LARP weapons to people who might not have had an opportunity to learn about them. Time will tell if this investment lives up to its expectations.

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Visions Of The Realm is a new fantasy LARP based in Georgia and they have approved the complete line of Knighthawk Armoury products for use in all of their events.

Many people have asked about customized weaponry. This usually means long weapons like spears, polearms, halbeds, etc. I am currently working with a production facility here in town to handle these requests. I hope to be able to start taking orders for custom weapons within the next two months. Anyone who wants a customized weapon will need to know precisely what they want: specs will be required and a photo would be excellent! So get ready for the Dawn of The Customized Era, coming soon....

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Yay! I received one of my outstanding orders today so now I have Katanas! All of the backorders for Katanas and Arming Swords have been filled.

As soon as I get my other order in I'll be able to fill all those Heavy Morning Star backorders....

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We will be at the A-Kon this year in Dallas, TX!

This is newsworthy as A-Kon is the largest Anime convention in the country. Attendence this year is estimated to be 9000!

When I first started up this biz (in August 2003), I contacted A-Kon to see about getting into the 2004 show. This was about a month after last year's show. Well, the laughter from the phone could be heard in Montana. Apparently A-Kon usually sells out the next year's show before the current show has closed!!!! So I got onto the waiting list, and voila....I was notified today that an opening had manifested and was invited to participate. Way cool!

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EXCELLENT NEWS!!!     Wildlands South is a new dark fantasy LARP based in Altanta, Georgia and they have approved the complete line of Knighthawk Armoury products for use in all of their events.

Be sure to read the disclaimer near the middle of their home page; it's GREAT!

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Good news: I have new product expected shortly!

Bad news: March and April look to be completely filled up, and I've not heard from the production facility regarding the tougher/stronger swords that are due to come out sometime this year, so it looks like our visit to AMTGARD is going to be put off yet again.

And HOLY MOLEY! I'm never going to double up on shows again! MAN, what a logistical nightmare!

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The third annual conDFW was a hoot. I was set up next to the IFGS booth and the two enterprises supported each other beautifully!

The authors were great! Lois McMaster Bujold was the Guest of Honor, and there were a whole lot of other authors there as well - like John Steakley and Robert Asprin, to drop just a couple of names!     :)

IFGS held a "Fight The Knight", and I ended up being one of the two Knights. I wore my new, cool threads from The Likely Lotus; they are in partnership with Sofi's Stiches. The clothes are great AND they are made in the USA!

Here are the Saturday and Sunday pictures from the convention! Warning: some of the pictures are web-sized, and some are rather large (as in the 750kb range). If this is of concern then check out the image size before clicking on the thumbnail. Also, make sure you've got your browser set to "Enable automatic image resizing" on the "Advanced" tabpage of the "Tools/Internet Options" menu item.

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LarpWorks is a new LARP based on the conversion of D20 gaming systems and they have approved the Knighthawk Armoury products for use in all of their events.

Frankly, their system sounds fascinating! Apparently their entire set of conversion rules fits onto a single page! Wow! I cannot wait to see this system in action!

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Don't forget your special sweetie on Valentine's Day - which is in four days!

*Ahem* And if your Significant Other is a LARPer, might I diffidently suggest that nothing says "I'm yours" more than giving that special someone in your life a Medieval-style latex-foam weapon from Knighthawk Armoury!     :)

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I've added a new page under Information that displays the Current Inventory; listing the current stock on hand. This will enable you to see if the product is in stock before going through the order process.

The current inventory of each item is also listed near the bottom on each of the individual product page as well.

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What else? I've just completed a fairly extensive update to the website and hopefully made it a little easier to navigate. I put the INFORMATION pages into their own top-level category and added the new half-scabbards that we now have (woo-hoo!). They're call "sword frogs" for some unknown reason and can be found in the "Additional Products" category. They look great and are available immediately.

One last thing. ALL of my unit costs went up by 15% with this last shipment but I'm TRYING to maintain the current retail prices. At this time I have absolutely the lowest prices for these products on the planet. I'm hoping that I'll get enough sales volume because of my lower prices to offset the increased cost. Stay tuned....

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STILL MORE GREAT NEWS!     IFGS International has approved the Knighthawk Armoury weapons for use in all of their events.

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