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It's been an interesting process. After more than three weeks after I was initially told that my order had shipped, I FINALLY got a waybill number today. According to the waybill, my order will leave the factory on the 29th, and on the 31st will be on a plane to Dallas.

Reminder: I've removed from the website those items that are no longer available, but I've still got a few of the Forgotten Dream line of Templar longswords in stock. When these are gone I'll remove the Templar models from the website since the factory is no longer making them.

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that I called the Ex-Caliber factory this morning and learned that my order was shipped today!!! Hurray! Let's see....a week for shipping, a week for Customs, and I should have the order in-house by the middle of this month.

And in case you are wondering why my Forgotten Dreams inventory is so low, it's because the FD factory has had some SERIOUS issues with quality control. I returned over half of my last order to my supplier and have only kept product that I felt was worthy. Thus the low quantities on hand....

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Several items of interest....

First, I got word this morning that my next Ex-Caliber shipment should be leaving the factory next Thursday. Add a week for shipping and a week for Customs, and I should HOPEFULLY have the order in my hot little hands by October.

Next, Kendall Kelsoe, the Sensei at the Austin Bujinkan Tanemaki Dojo has updated his in-depth review of the the Knighthawk Armoury Katanas. I thank Sensei Kendall for his ongoing recommendations!

Third, next weekend is FenCon 3 in Dallas, TX and we'll be there. Think about stopping by if you are in the neighborhood. Alan Dean Foster is the Guest of Honor, and Jim Butcher is the Toastmaster. THIS should be great fun!

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AnimeFest was this weekend and as usual we had a grand time!

Apparently, others had a great time at our booth as well. Matt Morrison is a staff writer/reporter for Comics Nexus and he wrote a VERY nice article about his first ever visit to AnimeFest. In this article he had particularly nice things to say about us - our mention is a bit over half-way down the article!

Thanks for the kind words, Matt!

Couple of other items:
  1. The last two of the Forgotten Dreams Mercenary Sabers have been sold, so those lovely products are not longer listed. *Sniff*

  2. LARPers Wanted For TV Project!
    Hyphenated Productions has had a HUGE response to their request for LARPers, thanks in large part to those of you who frequent this website. They are now in the process of pitching their proposed show to the various networks, and at this time they have all of the applications they can use. Taylor has asked that those of you who are still interested in applying to the show to hold on to their application packets. This ad will be be updated when they are ready to gather more LARPers into their fold!

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We have received another shipment of Forgotten Dreams products! All of the back-orders have been filled, and we've got product once again! Yay!

One sad and incomprehensible change: the Forgotten Dreams factory has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to quit manufacturing the Mercenary Sabers. They are no longer availabe, folks. The reason that I find this decision incomprehensible is that this was a pretty darned popular item!

So...I am out of the Mercenary Long Sabers and that item has been removed from the website. At this time I have two of the Mercenary Short Sabers left in stock, and when those are gone I'll remove that product from the website as well.

One bit of GOOD news is that my next Ex-Caliber order is apparently in the final stages of production at the factory. Their latex drum dried out and apparently blew away. But they are back up and running and I'm hoping to get my (now expanded) order sometime in the next two weeks. I hope.

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Knighthawk Armoury has implemented FREE SHIPPING on all products except the Ex-Caliber shields for all destinations within the United States. This includes all APO and FPO addresses, as well.

NOTE: None of the Ex-Caliber shields are included in the offer of free shipping. Their bulk makes adding a shipping charge a necessity for us if we want to continue to offer these superb products.

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Woo hoo! My latest Ex-Caliber order has arrived! Included in this order are the new Round Shields. These beauties are flat, about 20" in diameter, and look great! I've only got a few in stock right now, but my next order includes more of these.

I also restocked on the Basic Heater Shield, the Rampant Lion Heater Shield, and the Fleur de Lys Heater Shield.

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Well, it seems that I messed up the installation of all of those lovely color options such that only the first specified opition was being included with the actual order. Arrrggg. But that's been fixed now, so ALL of the specified options will show up on each order from this point forward.

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The Ex-Caliber products now have dropdowns available for your color selections. I also revamped the Ex-Caliber pages to display the products in a much cleaner manner.

Whenever a color selection is available, both the Forgotten Dream and Ex-Caliber products now provide you with the opportunity to specify one or more color choice. At a minimum this means you can specify a primary color choice and a secondary color option.

Notice our new product: we have added Full Scabbards to our line of products. This was done after we had multiple requests for a full scabbard for the Katanas.

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The list of shows that we will be attending in 2006 has been posted. We encourage and invoiate everyone to attend one or more of the fun-filled events if it is at all possible for you to do so.

We're attending a new event this year: SoonerCon 2006. Look for our tables in the Dealer's Room if you are in the neighborhood!

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All of the option dropdowns on the various product pages should now be working properly.

I've also updated the Links page by separating out the LARP links from other related sites of interest.

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I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a safe, prosperous, and very Happy New Year!!!

My new shipment of Forgotten Dreams products has arrived! The inventory has been updated and all is ready for your shopping pleasure!

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