2007 News & Events for Knighthawk Armoury

  News From 2007  

We have a wicked new sword from Calimacil, the
Imperial. Called "Sileldar" on the Calimacil website, this sword was renamed to reflect its design origins and its very high cool factor!

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I have redesigned the Calimacil page and each of the Calimacil product pages to reflect the fact that by default we only stock Calimacil products with the
hybrid core. It's a cleaner look that more accurately reflects the products we offer.

Note that the price for each product has been modified to reflect a hybrid core, and the default for the dropdown at the bottom of each product page now indicates that the hybrid core has been selected for the current product.

Customers can still purchase the standard core by selecting the "Standard Fiberglass Core" from the dropdown at the bottom of each product page. Such a choice will reduce the cost of the item by $10 USD, but with rare exceptions all items with a standard core will need to be ordered from the factory - which means that your delivery will take between 4 and 8 weeks.

TRUST US: You >>>WANT<<< the hybrid core!!! It is the single best $10 USD you will ever spend during your entire gaming career. The hybrid core really is THAT good and really makes THAT MUCH difference in the performance of your weapon!

Even the durability of the weapon will be enhanced with the hybrid core since 1) zero whip means that less stress will occur on the foam, and 2) zero whip means the core will undergo less stress than with the standard core.

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My latest Calimacil order has arrived, and with it are four new products. First we have a
Morning Star, complete with a flexible chain and a spiked ball head. This also comes in a long length.

Next we have a Halberd Head. This is a very inexpensive way to get a great looking Halberd at a minimum cost, because this is ONLY the head of the halberd; the shaft of the weapon is not provided. This allows you to have the overall length of the completed halberd designed specifically for you AND you still get a great Calimacil weapon at the business end of the stick!   :)

We also received some Razor Shuriken. These are WAY cool items that are less than a tenth of a pound each and designed for throwing. The blades are 0.5 inches thick and the striking edge is flat; be sure to check out the complete specs on these beauties!

And lastly, we now have the Viking Swords in stock; we've got this item in the Short length as well.

One final point, I have not received professional pictures of these items so the images you are looking at are thre results of my feeble efforts. As soon as Calimacil sends me some decent photos I'll replace the current set of images!

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Yippee!!! After seven months, I FINALLY have the
EagleFlex shields back in stock! The only exceptions are the Footman's Metal Shield and the Roman Trooper shield, of which none were sent by the factory. But all of the other shields are in stock

In addition, I received a new shield from Forgotten Dreams: a Roman shield, which is simply gorgeous!

Oh, and lest I forget, almost everything else in the Forgotten Dreams line and in the EagleFlex line is also in stock now! Enjoy!     :)

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I want to welcome the good people at
Legacies, a large LARP in the Seattle area! Welcome, all, and enjoy! Be sure to read the various Information pages if you ever have a need to customize, modify, or repair your LARP weapons.

I've got several large orders due in a few days. The excellent news is that this does include the EagleFlex shields that have been out of stock for months. I'll fill my backorders the same day that the shields arrive, then I'll update the inventory so everyone else can have a shot at them.

I will have a few of the Forgotten Dreams shields arriving with the order arriving in a few days, but ONLY a few as there are apparently none left available in the US at this time. However, the good news is that I have ordered more of the Gaelic Collection, as well as a complete set of both the Elven and the Chaos Collections! Those should be available in four to six weeks.

Please note that the entire line of Calimacil products will experience a small price increase in November as a result of the factory increasing their prices. I've also been warned that both the Forgotten Dreams and the EagleFlex lines will also undergo a small price increase then, as well - and for the same reason.

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My latest order of Forgotten Dreams products has arrived! It includes the following new products from the Gaelic Collection: Shortsword, Shield, Shield Deluxe, and Claymore. All are exquisitely beautiful!

I've updated the website qantities, added the new products that were not previously listed (because I had none of them in stock), and I've added a new page for the
FD Gaelic Collection and a new page for FD Shields. Note that as I get new products in stock I will add them to the appropriate pages, and I'll create new pages for each new FD Collection we acquire.

The plan is to have items from each of the Forgotten Dream Collections as soon as possible; which means the Chaos Collection, the Elven Collection, and the Medieval Collection. Look for these products to become available in the weeks ahead!

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I received my latest Calimacil order, and it includes several of the new models including the
Elven sword, and the Pirate sword complete with a basket hilt and a "bone" grip. The inventory counts have been updated on the website

Both the Pirate sword and the Elven sword look magnificent! The blades are shaped beautifully. Go to the product pages for each item and look under the big photo - I've added four more shots of each weapon so you can see just how wicked cool these swords really are!   :)
  Note that the Pirate sword has a lot of the silver residue in it, so you might want to rinse the blade with water before handling or using it.

In other news, I have a new supplier for the EagleFlex line of products and they were able to send me a few items from a small advanced shipment they received; this allowed me to get some of the backorders cleared. For those of you who are STILL waiting on your shields, I apologize profusely and thank you again for your patience and understanding. The day after I get the product I ordered MONTHS ago in, your orders will be shipped.

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Calimacil has released
NINE new models, including an Elven scimitar-ish sword and a Pirate sword complete with a basket hilt. They also sent me new pictures for most of the products, and I've updated the website to use those new pictures. I also went ahead and added the new products since I trust the guys at the factory to deliver whatever I need in a one month time frame. Always.

I also updated the Calimacil FAQ to include information on how to repair a cut in the foam.

My EagleFlex supplier has not been able to send me the list of available product because of an area-wide internet outage in their area. I told them that I needed Dragon Shields mostly, and also any other shields that they might have received. They will attempt to pull those items for me, so keep your fingers crossed!

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Just heard from my EagleFlex suppliers, and they say that the shipment that was in Customs two weeks ago does NOT have nearly the amount of product they expected. And they said that I should expect to see a list of available product tomorrow.

I asked about shields, and was told that there are "some" shields included. With luck I will be able to fill the backorders that some of you have been MOST patiently waiting for since The Dawn Of Time (or at least that's what it feels like).

I'll update this notice tomorrow when I get that list of available product....

      Calimacil has several new models out, including a Pirate Sword. These new models look fantastic, and I'll be getting a couple of them in within the next 10 business days. I'm currently preparing an order to fill up my stock of Calimacil products. Oh, and please remember that all of the LONG swords coming in from Calimacil will have the
hybrid core!

Once I actually get the new products in my hot little hands, I will update the website!

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I have about half of the new Forgotten Dreams Gaelic Collection coming in with my next order. I have updated the website so you can see these new weapons. I've got the Gaelic Dagger, Longsword, Longsword Deluxe, and three different Axes due to arrive early next week. I'll update the website to reflect the inventory as I receive more of the Gaelic Collection.

I received an order from EagleFlex in this week and was able to fill some of the backorders. No DragonMaster shields were included in that order. However, the folks at EagleFlex say that they should be getting in a complete set of product in two weeks. That means that I should get MY outstanding orders filled in about two and a half weeks.

Reminder if you want any of the Calimacil weapons with a black handle, that I'll have to order them from the factory, and that will take about three weeks. Another option for you is if I have the item in stock (with the standard color) you can order that sword and one container of the black Calimacil Custom paint.

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I have added the Varan Axe and the Calimacil Custom Paints to the
Calimacil page.

I have added a "Core Options" dropdown in each of the product pages where it is appropriate. This will allow you to indicate that you want the hybrid carbon-fiber core rather than the standard fiberglass core. In addition, each product page now has a "Color Options" dropdown to allow you to select a black handle rather than the standard color scheme if you so desire.

I've also updated the Calimacil FAQ page with information about the cores, custom paints, and shipping times for black handles.

I called EagleFlex folks yesterday for a status update. They said that their order from the factory was still in customs.

And the last item on todays agenda is that Free Shipping will no longer be available on orders totaling less than $30.

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The Calimacil line has arrived. It was VERY well received at A-Kon and everyone who has seen these spectacular weapons has been blown away by them! Check out the
reaction of the members of the Austin Bujinkan Tanemaki Dojo when they saw them!

One note: ANY of the swords in the Calimacil line can be purchased with the HYBRID core, not only those items currently marked with the "(H)" for an additional $10 per weapon. Here's how to order a hybrid core for models not so marked at this time. I'll make the changes to the website to clean up this klunky process as soon as possible.

I've updated the Compare Product Lines page to remove the Ex-Caliber line, and to add the EagleFlex and Calimacil product lines.

I heard from the EagleFlex people on the 29th of MAY. They said that their order from the factory was in and that "we are waiting for customs clearance". So hopefully I'll be receiving MY order in sometime soon. This week would be good....

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The Calimacil line is here. My first order of their products has been shipped and will arrive on Thursday evening. I've updated the catalog and the website to includes these fabulous new items, so ENJOY!!!!

Also note that each of these swords comes in a solid black handle, so those of you that want to implement your own color scheme can do so. Part of my first order from Calimacil included lots of the paint that THEY use. As soon as I get it I will add it to the website.

The EagleFlex people have said that they have a large order of product arriving at the end of this month. YAY! That means that I should be able to get my backorders filled (mostly the DragonMaster shields) in the next week to 10 days.

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I'm getting VERY excited about the Calimacil line. I've been in contact with the factory and they really seem to know what they are doing. I'm very much looking forward to getting my first of many orders from them!

The EagleFlex supply chain is having some startup difficulties. Hopefully those will be sorted out in short order. Meanwhile, the smart ones are going ahead and back-ordering what they want since they know that the FIRST thing I do when I get in a shipment of product is to fill my backorders. Already I need >>> 8 <<< DragonMaster shields!     :)

I want to welcome a new LARP to the wonderful world of Knighthawk Armoury; check out the Legends of Xercia.

Also be sure to check out the new section on the LINKS page about LARPing Forums. I added the first one today.
RPGnet is the second largest tabletop gaming site in the world, and they are expanding into OUR world - the world of Live Action Role Playing! Now that's cool.

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It's been a busy month. The new EagleFlex product line is in and the supplier is busy ironing out kinks in the supply chain. They've said that the remainder of my orders (yes, plural) will be shipped by COB today, so I'm hoping to have product in hand by the end of next week.

My supplies of the Ex-Caliber product line are dwindling rapidly. Again, if you think you might want one of these wonderful items, then order when the mood hits AND while there is still inventory remaining.

Perhaps the most exciting news from this week is that I will be adding yet ANOTHER product line: The very high-end injection molded foam weapons from
Calimacil. With this addition Knighthawk Armoury will be offering three distinct product lines. All three product lines are of superb quality, but the design and level of detail differ markedly between each of them:
  • The EagleFlex line offers the lowest level of design but the very best price of any latex-foam LARP weapon on the market.

  • The Forgotten Dreams products offer a great mid-level of design at a competitive price. Their designs are very nice and the level of workmanship is excellent.

    For as long as supplies last, the Ex-Caliber products also fall into this category: they offer a wonderful set of mid-level products. Please note that as the various items sell out they will be removed from the website.

  • The Forgotten Dreams Limited Edition products are at the high-end of the standard latex- foam set of weapons. Their designs are superb and the weapons are magnificent. As this is a limited edition, as the various products sell out they will be removed from the website.

  • Finally, at the very high end of the market are the unbelievable weapons from Calimacil. The level of detail on these beauties is unmatched. The swords are beautiful and they are advertised to be able to stand up to full contact combat!

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We are MOST fortunate - we are receiving a shipment of the Limited Edition product line from Forgotten Dreams. These items are at the high end of design and workmanship. Quite simpy put, they look great! Take a few minutes and check out each and every one of these beauties!

I have gone ahead and added these items to the website even though I don't have them in stock yet because I have received my shipping notice, and they will be arriving tomorrow! So tomorrow evening I will update my inventory counts and the "quantity on hand" values will reflect those change once they are made.

Note that "Limited Edition" means that there is strictly a limited quantity of these products available anywhere. Once any Limited Edition product is no longer available, I will remove that product from the website.

A couple of things to consider: First, I am not allowing back-orders for the Limited Edition products. This is because if I don't have it in stock, I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to fill a back order. Secondly, I've included some detail images in with the standard product image, so the first time you open any of the Limited Edition product pages it will take a few seconds to fully load; just be aware that this one-time slow load will occur.

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The website has been updated with the new EagleFlex product line! You might note that at this time my inventory is a wee bit on the sparse side.

But fear not! I will be filling my bins with this good stuff over the next few weeks, so if you see something you like then go ahead and pre-order it. That tells me which items to get MORE of when I do place my orders with the supplier!

I like these items. They are constructed in much the same way as the Forgotten Dreams products, but their design is a simpler and perhaps a bit sturdier as a result. These guys look to be EXTREMELY durable.

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Sadly, after multiple calls to the factory, I have been unable to get any indication that my requested production run will occur. So at this point I'm afraid that Ex-Caliber is out of business. I've modified the website to consolidate the Ex-Caliber products remaining in stock.

What I have left in stock is all that there will ever be of this superb and extremely safe line of latex-foam LARP weapons. Get them while they last....

If the Ex-Caliber line of LARP weapons is ever resurrected, be assured that I will restore its product line immediately!

The GOOD news is that I have a new product line that will be available in less than a week! This new line is called EagleFlex. EagleFlex products are constructed almost identically to, are slightly less fancy in design, and will be noticeably less expensive than the Forgotten Dreams line of products.

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Wandering Star Productions is a non-profit organization that produces DVDs using the fantasy themes that most of us LARPers have come to know and love:

I've added their website to the List Of Approvals and to the Links page. I'm looking forward to seeing the final results of their current movie/project!

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I just got off the phone with the Ex-Caliber company this morning. They have moved into a new factory and told me it will be a minimum of three months before they can resume production of their latex-foam weapons.

The good news is that I MIGHT be able to get a limited production run on a small number of products. The facility manager is looking into that and will let me know in a day or two if that's even possible.

I'll keep you updated.....


By the way, here's a nice article
about a new LARP called The Righteous Blades of Elmshire. It has a very nice mention of Knighthawk Armoury in it (even if "Knighthawk" is spelled wrong the website listed is correct!     :)    

You can contact the founder, Eric Huntsinger via email.
If the link does not work go here and enter "Medieval fantasy" in the search box, then scroll down to the article titled "Medieval Fantasy".

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A friend of mine sent me to Jenny Breeden's website: Geeba's On Parade. (Thanks, Carol!)

Ms. Breeden is a member of SOLAR, the Southern Organization for Live Action Role-playing, and she writes these hilarious comics about the LAPRing experience.

I mean, some of these are just PRICELESS!!! It's obvious that she has been gaming for a while and has seen it all. The comics capture pretty much every aspect of the LARPing experience dead bang on. They are WONDERFUL! They are, in fact, so good that I've added another section to my LINKS page just to include them!

Here's the
first comic in the series. The navigation icons are cool too. Use the dagger to go to the next or the previous comic, and use the large swords to go to the first or the last comic.

Long may she continue to reign with her Archive Of Heroic Adventure!

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The Catalog has been updated with new pictures and the current prices.

You can also download our new Flyer if you just need a quick reference to the website or just a few pictues of our products.

I sent my first order of the year off to Ex-Caliber. I've asked for latex-foam STAFFs and provided specs; I'm hoping that they will be able to produce these for us!

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Happy New Year! We wish everyone a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year! May all your dreams come true and may all of you be truly blessed!

Don't forget your special sweetie on Valentine's Day, which is coming up in less than a month! And nothing says "I love you" and "BOY do I trust you" in quite the same way as a new weapon from Knighthawk Armoury!     :)

Though it's a wee bit late I've finally managed to updated the website with the correct information for 2007. I've also added the Round Shields and the Full Scabbards to the Current Inventory page; I had somehow neglected to add them when these products were first introduced. My bad....

Reminder: I've still got a few of the Forgotten Dreams line of Templar longswords in stock. These are the last of their kind since the FD factory is no longer making them - so get them while they are still available!

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