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Here are a some other sites of interest. Listings in bold have approved the Knighthawk Armoury line of products for use in their gaming systems. All entries are listed alphabetically.

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Alliance LARP
The Alliance LARP has just approved the use of latex/foam weapons in their gaming and combat systems. Check the various Approval Lists on the home page to see which product lines have been approved. As usual, always check with your Chapter to be sure of its rules before spending your money!

Aralis Online
A skills-based gaming system located in the Northeast. I particularly enjoyed the "Evil Test", and some of the comics are funny as all get-out!

Architecture, Designs, and Clothing of the Medieval Lifestyle
This is a fascinating and details resource page for those interested in Medieval architecture, Medieval design, and clothing of the Medieval period. There are also a set of links that provide costume ideas. Explore these links for some fabulous costume examples!

Avalon is a VERY busy LARP with over 300 active players that run games out of Virginia, North Carolina, and soon will be running games out of South Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Blood Of Heroes
This is a new LARP located in Kentucky. They are so new that their website is not yet active, but you can contact them via the Yahoo newsgroup "".

Brittanis is a new fantasy/medieval LARP in the fictional world of Aerys. The LARP is located in the midwest, with games to be hedl at various locations. Their website is gorgeous, and has their complete set of rules available online.

Brimsteam is a Steampunk LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game) based in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The action is set in the fictional world of Lephia. The game follows the adventures and exploits of the O.E.S. Novaturient, the greatest Airship to ever sail the nine skies, as it explores a savage and wild unknown continent across the vast and deadly Kraken Sky.

CASTLEs LARP was from by most of the members of the NERO Cincinnati group.Their new LARP is stilla Skills-based system, and they are still part of our family of latex-using LARPs!

Central Coast Western Martial Arts Association (CCWMAA)
This is a serious martial arts group that does full contact weapons combat. They tested the Knighthawk Armoury swords and had NO problems with the blades. Since the handles are not designed to hold up to that level of stress, the owner says "I can only approve of the Knighthawk weapons for light to mid-contact sparring, but for these purposes they are nothing short of excellent". The full approval letter can be read here: CCWMAA Approval Letter.

Crazy Dwarves (Les Nains Fous)
This is one of the many Canadian LARPs that use our weapons! Check out their way cool website! Note that this site is in French so you English speakers might want to copy the link into the Google Search box, hit enter, then click the "Translate this page" option.

Dark Age Wars
This is a FREE-TO-PLAY online medieval game, where you can build your empire in any way you see fit. Simply register, take the easy tutorial to learn the ropes, then start building YOUR EMPIRE!!!!

Dundee University Role Play Society
This just goes to show you that everyone is involved in role-playing in one form or another! I like the fact that this is organized at the University level!

Dying Kingdoms
This is a new LARP located in Los Angeles, California. Their website is hosted by MySpace, and they've got a nice slide show included. Check it out!.

EMPIRE: Rise of the Gladiators
EMPIRE: Rise of the Gladiators is based on the Roman Empire, from 27 BC to 476 AD. It is a world unlike today where gladiators fight for the entertainment of the mob and the arena is more popular than today’s biggest sports.

This is a brand new LARP located in southwest Florida. FYI: their website is partially done - meaning that it but still under construction. They've got a very good page on LARPing in general - click on the LARP link.

This is a new LARP based on the Fourth Age of Tolkein's Middle Earth. It is a combination of role-playing and combat, with great emphasis placed on dramatic roleplaying and the time-honored themes of the Professor's works.

Fallen Empires
This LARP is based in the north Texas ans souther Oklahoma region, but draws in people from other areas as well! They run one event every month except during December or January.

Fyre Sword Games
This was formerly Brengle LARP Productions, which has evolved into a portal for several different gaming systems, all created by Nate Brengle and associates. The various gaming systems look like fun, and range from table-top to full outdoor LARP games!

This group is one of the premier Class-based live-action role playing groups in existence. Complete with a simulated magic and missile system, the eight character classes provide for an entertaining and challenging mix of role-playing and combat. Very kid-friendly, and a HECK of a lot of fun!

Kingdom of Stanislaus
The Kingdom of Stanislaus Medieval Reenactment and Roleplaying Society has approved the Eagle Flex and the Calimacil line of latex weapons for our heavy padded weapons combat. The realism and strength of these weapons really makes them a great choice for this Kingdom!

Knight Realms
This group allows latex weaponry but is pretty strict about its use. Note that this is not a problem if you have control during combat; if you tend to go beserk, though....

This branch of LarpCraft is located in Australia. LarpCraft is the ultimate "choose your own adventure" when it comes to roleplay. Your stories, costumes, roleplay, professions and skills are just as important as your combat abilities. To equalize the game, everything in our system has strengths and weaknesses. You're not going to find a super race or class that beats out all others. The races, classes professions, magic, armor etc. were carefully designed to have both strengths and weaknesses. Abilities are vast and will truly make your character unique.

This is a brand new LARP structured around the conversion of standard D20 table-top gaming systems into a live action game! Apparently their entire set of conversion rules fits onto a single page! Waaaaay cool!

LAST: Live Action Sport Theater
Combining all the best aspects of camping, sword fight re-enactment and role play, L.A.S.T. offers a new and innovative spin on a well-loved past-time.

Legendary Adventures Role Play
Legendary Adventures Role Play is a live action roleplaying game located in Utah. They have been using Knighthawk weapons for several years. Check out their very nice website.

Legacies is a fantasy themed Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) based in Western Washington. Weekend long games occur once a month.. Combat is full contact using boffer or approved latex-foam weapons and is completely safe. They have approved all of the latex/foam product lines carried by Knighthawk Armoury fully EXCEPT that only the new Calimcail weapons are approved.

Legends Roleplaying
Legends is a live action roleplaying game located in central Massachusetts. They have approved both the Ex-Caliber and the Forgotten Dreams line of products for use in their games.

Legends of Xercia
This LARP is based in Michigan. Their website is very nice; just click "Cancel" to continue to your web-page destination whenever a Cool Page popup appears.

Live Effects
Live Effects is a live action roleplaying game located in California that deals with what heppens when the worlds of magic and technology are mixed. They've got a good schedule and the rules are online. Check it out!

A wonderful group of people who meet regularly and have a great time! NERO is one of the premiere skills-based LARPs and is a great deal of fun! Highly recommended! NERO has 40 chapters in the U.S. and Canada.
Here is the complete list of NERO Chapters.

The Quest
Maui`s only L.A.R.P. (Live Action Role-playing) Group!
(Must be gorgeous gaming in Maui!)

Peasants and Nobles
This is a new LARP with a real difference: the members have neither levels nor classes in the traditional gaming sense. Sounds like fun and a great opportunity for some superb roleplaying.

Realms Of Adventure
Realms of Adventure is a LARP established in 2003, with years in the making, based in Sparta, NJ. They strive to provide a unique, high-quality fully-immersive experience during their gaming weekends. With a basis firmly rooted in high fantasy, their gaming system provides an intricate rules system and a fully interactive plotline with which the players can really get involved.

Recreational Gaming Community
Based in Arlington, TX and devoted to all types of gaming and conventions.

SCA: Kingdom of Meridies
The Kingdom of Meridies in the SCA has approved the Knighthawk Armoury line of weapons for use in their mounted combat activity! These products are also currently being evaluated for use by SCA Minors!

Shadow Realms: Canada
This is a fantasy LARP run out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada, just north Toronto. It is a beautiful site, on over 50 acres of forest with a wide variety of landscapes.

Shadowed Realms Gaming
This is a new LARP in the Michigan area. This is a new website that has all of the required data; it will be filled out over time. Nice pictures, too!

Seventh Kingdon
This is a new LARP in the Newe Jersey area. Theri website looks amazingly good and incredibly complete: rules, event schedules, pictures, forums - everything a group needs to get started having fun!

Sovereign Scrolls
Sovereign Scrolls is a new LARP based in south-east Texas, so cold weather will not be an issue! Their website is replete with great info, and I particularly like the various available Races. They even have their rules posted very nicely. Check it out!

Steampunk Larp
Steampunk Larp is a resource page for all things Steampunk. Over time, this page will blossom and become one of THE premier resources for custumes, props, LARPs, and just about anyuthing else you can image that has a Stempunk theme!

Sword Arts
Sword Arts is an organization dedicated to learning about, and mastering the use of, swords safely and with fun!

This is a new LARP in Raleigh, North Carolina that went live in July 2004. Their website looks great and the rules looks like they are easy and fun!

Tabletop Empires
Tabletop Empires aim is to provide a simple easy to use web site with a big range of products to provide you with all your gaming and hobby needs. They stock many major brands including Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Reaper, The Army Painter, Fantasy Flight Games Wizards of the Coast and many more. We also stock many harder to get brands in Australia such as Ziterdes Terrain and the fabulous Da Vinci Maestro range of paintbrushes.

This group is a well organized and VERY active LARP in the Dayton, Ohio area! Check out their website!

Visions Of The Realm
Visions of the Realm is a new LARP starting up in Georgia.

Wandering Star Productions
Wandering Star Productions is a non-profit organization that produces DVDs using the fantasy themes that most of us LARPers have come to know and love! They are using swords from Knighthawk Armoury.

Wildlands West
Wildlands West is a LARP based in Louisville, Kentucky that engages in total- immersion roleplaying. Their game is based on the NERO rules system, but in a customized format.

Wiki LARP List
List of various LARPs, LARP Resources, photos and news. It was created to be a resource for LARPers around the world to find organizations, groups, and events in their area.

Wyvern Rising
Wyvern Rising is a northeastern Pennsylvanis LARP that has been around since 2002! Their website is rich with information, including a very complete set of world lore, and good combat instructions. It's worth checking out!

  Fun Stuff

Daffy Duck is "The Wizard"
This is awesomely hilarious! Enjoy!

Free Steampunk Art!
We offer free, gallery-quality 8x10 art prints and a wide variety of wall art and decor. Our idea is to give away the 8x10 prints free of charge (shipping/handling not included), with the hope that people may be interested in our other pieces. We currently have over 6,500 pieces of Steampunk art!

Geeba's On Parade
Jenny Breeden is a member of SOLAR who writes hilarious comics based on her own gaming experience. These are really funny, and are dead bang on the money!
Here's the first comic in the series. The navigation icons are cool too: use the daggers to go to the next or the previous comic, and use the large swords to go to the first or the last comic.

Girl Genius

This is a FABULOUS web comic! It is in the Steampunk tradition, and both the art and the story is incredibly entertaining, and it's FREE!!! Enjoy!

Halloween Costumes (Instructables)
This site has an amazing collection of instructions on how to make your own costumes. Enter "Costumes" into the Search Box and click the "search" button. One of my favorites is the realistic werewolf costume. Click on the different pictures at the top of the page for the different steps in the construction process. Here's the link to the Halloween page! Have fun!

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
Thanks to Tyson for this link for this great summary page containing so much great information about the Middle Ages. It includes a lot of interesting, related links to explore the various aspects of the medieval era. Be sure to scroll down and check out the various "Sections" .

Medicine and Health in the Middle Ages
Thanks to Mia from the Knights & Nobles camp for this great summary page regarding heatch care in the Middle Ages. It includes a lot of interesting, related links to explore the various aspects of medieval medicine! The links are, effectively, the various "chapters" of the summary page, and are nicely organized.

Medieval Weapons: From Archery to Armour
Thanks to Rebecca Conner & David for this great article from Target Sports on the various weapons used in the Middle Ages. It includes a lot of references and interesting, related links to explore!

Top 10 Myths About The Middle Ages
This is a fascinating article that exposes and explains many of the common misconceptions about life in the Middle Ages. Enjoy!

Venice Carnival Costumes
Here is a sample of the level of costume you can get when money is absolutely no object! These are all 100% handmade, and are ordered at least a year in advance.
Download Venice Carnival 2010.pps
Right-click the image and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to download the Venice Carnival 2010 slide show!

Turn the sound on, but keep it low. This is a PowerPoint slide show (.pps file) that is 7 MB in size.

Why Role Playing Games Are Good For Kids
Finally someone ELSE gets it!   :)


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