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I have removed almost all of the US Post Office options from the list of shipping options because they have no way of tracking individual shipments. Since the minimum cost of an order is $25.00, it seems worth it for both Knighthawk Armoury and our customers to pay the slight bit more in shipping costs in exchange for the ability to track each shipment.

The exception to this is USPS Priority Mail, which is required for APO and FPO orders.

If the USPS ever develops a tracking mechanism, I'll add that option back to the shopping cart lickety-split! :)

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MORE GREAT NEWS!     NERO International has approved the Knighthawk Armoury weapons for use in all of their events.

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GREAT NEWS!     The Dallas Chapter of IFGS has approved the Knighthawk Armoury weapons for use in all Dallas IFGS events.

Please note that the standard rule applies: the Game Safety Officer always has the final say on whether an individual weapon can be taken into game.

The Basic Dagger can only be used as a parrying weapon.

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At this point I think I've got the website working correctly. All the little bugs have been hopefully found and fixed. ENJOY!

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The shopping cart is now active. I am using the King Cart shopping cart software, and it does everything necessary to place an order.
There is a small bug, the little blue box next to each link vanishes on the product pages when you put your mouse over the link. The link still works, but that ugly red "X" appears. I'm working on it....

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I'm back from the weekend in Colorado, where I went up to play in the IFGS game "Dark Idol 3" and to show off our way cool weapons. I raffled off a Sword of Orion and a Reaper Axe. The winners of the raffle were, understandably, ecstatic! They will show off their cool new toys and generate new interest in these wonderful LARP weapons!

Happy Gaming!

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OK, Here's the basic website with our products specified. As I learn more, get more time, I'll put up a shopping cart so that you will be able to do instant credit-card transactions online!

Won't that be that EXCITING?????


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