2008-2011 News & Events for Knighthawk Armoury

  News From 2008 - 2011  

We received out order from Action Props and have updated the website. Yes, this means we have a few Rapiers left after we filled out back-orders. in addition, we have two new items: the Iron Fortress War Hammer and the Action Props Ornate Rapier!

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We have a new item in the Steampunk category: the Vibro Sword from Iron Fortress's Dark Moon collection. Check it out!

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We have a new item in the Steampunk category: a full-scale Pipe Wrench. This item is made by Calimacil, so it is extremely durable. Check it out!

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The Weekly Specials have been updated.

Our Custom Weapons shop is swamped and unable to accept any new orders for a while. They will let us know when they can start taking new orders again, but it will not be for several months at the earliest. *Sigh*

In addition, our order from Action Props has been delayed. We were expecting it to be shipped this week, but circumstances at the factory have prevented that from occurring. Hopefully we will get it before too terribly long.

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The Weekly Specials have been updated.

Calimacil now offers you the option of designing your own Custom Scimitar, and of designing your own Custom Sword! Needless to say, this is way cool!

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Just got in some new cool items from Calimacil. We have the new Double Spear of Kira, the new Double Spear of Onyx, the new Musashi Katana, and the new Ninja!

We also added a coupon for Calimcail bastard-length swords, and for Calimacil items that are longer than the bastard-length swords, into the Weekly Specials page, AND we put the last of the Barbarian Daggers from EagleFlex on clearance sale.

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Just got in some new cool items. We have a new Persian Dagger, the new Battle Ready Elven Sword, and a couple of new Steampunk weapons - namely a Tonfa and a new Sledge Hammer (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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We just finished A-Kon 22, and it was the Year of Steampunk! There were a LOT of Steampunk costumes and booths, and some fabulous artwork.

We have several updates to relate. First, we are working on more Steampunk Designs for weapons, and product should be available in a couple of months. We also sold out of the Forgotten Dream Limited Edition products, as well as the last of the old FD swords. We still have a few FD Maces left, and they are ready to move with stupid-low, give-away prices.

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We received a large shipment of product from Iron Fortress and EagleFlex. In these shipments, we received some cool new Steampunk gear. We've got large foam Wrenches, Lead Pips, Brass Telescopes, and 2 or 3 Potion Holders! All of it way cool!

We also received a bunch of new Frogs and Throwing Knife Holders. Note that if you purchase one of the new Throwing Knife Holders, you can purchase the Throwing Knives that go with these Holders at a discount! We have a 1 Throwing Knife Holder, a 3 Throwing Knife Holder, and a 5 Throwing Knife Holder; along with new Axe Frogs.

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The last portion of our Forgotten Dreams arrived today, including more Medieval Knight Longswords, and the new Medieval Claymore, 2nd Edition!
Please note that our next order of the Action Props Rapiers are expected within the next two weeks.

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Forgotten Dreams has redesigned their Roman Shield and has, appropriately, moved it into their Ancient Collection. The shield has been significantly upsized to 120 cm, or 47 inches in height. It is gorgeous, surprisingly easy to maneuver, and enormous! The perfect fit for either personal protection or as part of an inpenetrable shield wall.

And for those who want to learn what SPQR means....

I also resized the home page to accommodate smaller screen sizes. Hope this help make it easier to read!

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We want to welcome NERO Cincinnatti to the set of approved vendors! They like almost everything we sell, but their rules are more strict than many of the other LARPs. PLEASE be sure to read their rules for latex weapons BEFORE you spend your money!

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We have put all of the original products from the Forgotten Dreams line on CLEARANCE SALE!! They are 50% off, or more. This includes the two original daggers, the long War Axe, all of the Maces, the two original short swords, and the four original long swords. Sale items can easily be identified by the light blue background of the text box.

I'll get a SALE page up as soon as I can....

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We have put the Forgotten Dreams Limited Edition Collection on clearance. Everything is 50% off of the normal price, and 75% off of the original price.Please note that with the prices on these items now set below OUR original cost, for these items free shipping is not available.

In addition, the minimum order total to get Free Shipping on those items that ARE eligible for free shipping has been bumped to $50 from $40. Everything costs more, and FEDEX, UPS, and the US Post Office all raised their rates on 01-JAN-2011. *Sigh*

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All of us at Knighthawk Armoury wish you and yours a safe, happy, prosperous, and very Happy New Year!

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We have started carrying a new line of sword frogs,and they are gorgeous! We also have the new Hand Axe from Iron Fortress.

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All of us at Knighthawk Armoury wish you and yours a safe, happy, and very Merry Christmas!!!

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The next shipment from Action Props has arrived. We now have Rapiers in stock!

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We have received our next order from Forgotten Dreams, and it includes seven new items! Check out the cool new gear in the Chaos Collection and the Gaelic Collection. We've also restocked on some of the perennial FD favorites!

Don't forget to REFRESH the page when you get there; i.e. hit the F5 key after the page finishes loading. That will bring up all of the newest additions.

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We are taking the next 4 days off for the Holidays, and will be back in time to ship all orders received between this afternoon and Friday on Saturday, 27-NOV-2010.

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We had another call from someone who wanted to use an American Express card to amke a purchase, so we have now enabled American Express and Discover cards for our website.

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We have received our long anticipated order from Action Props, and have restocked on most products EXCEPT for Rapiers. I've put in another order, and now that their production facility has been successfully moved and is in full operation, we should get our next order (with Rapiers) in about 4 weeks; perhaps less.

The REALLY AWESOME thing is that we now have in stock the Action Prop line of Steampunk weapons that were designed specifically for Knighthawk armoury - and HOLY SCHLAMOLEY they are SO WICKED COOL!

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We now have Battle Ready Katana's in from Iron Fortress,
In addition, we have three new swords from EagleFlex, including the Brave Shortsword, the Brave Longsword, and the Runebrand.

Check them out!

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Just got more inventory from Iron Fortress, so we now have Orc swords, Vorpals swords, and our shields have been restocked.
In addition, we are now stocking the Spartan Shield, an awesome shield with an innovative lift/carrying system.

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Just got more inventory from Iron Fortress, so we now have Orc swords, Peacekeeper staffs, Demonslayers, and so on.

We've received our next order from Action props, and are all stocked up. I've also asked about some new items that I'm hoping they will be able to create for us!

We had a great show at A-Kon 21! In addition to the Knighthawk Armoury booth, I was the Master of Ceremonies for the annual "Fight The Knight" hosted by the Dallas Chapter of IFGS - the International Fantasy Gaming Society. Here's a fun little combat demonstration of Taryn vs. Jason, Taryn vs. David, Taryn and David vs. the announcer (me!), and a bonus video of Taryn vs Jason in slow motion. I particularly like the slow-motion death roll by Jason at the end!   :)     Thanks to Rich for this video!

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Our next order from Forgotten Dreams has arrived, and we have 5 new items in stock. The new items are the Gaelic short and long sword, 2nd edition; and the Medieval Squire & Paladin swords, and the Medieval Cavalier's Axe.

We are also expecting to get our next order from Action Props sometime in May - hopefully in time for A-Kon!

I've had several customers in the past few months indicate their surprise when they thought that free shipping aplied to their order - only to learn at Checkout time that their order was NOT eligible for free shipping. I know that would annoy the HECK out of me, so I've changed all of the "Free Shipping" labels at the top of each category page into a link that points to the full explanation of our free shipping policy. Hopefully that will prevent this particular surprise from recurring.

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Our next order from Calimacil has arrived, so a lot of products that were out of stock are now back IN stockl! We also have another order outstanding with Calimacil that should be filled in a few weeks.

In addition, I've added a wicked cool PowerPoint slide show at the bottom of the LINKS page. Download then drool over the costumes from the 2010 Venice Carnival.
Just to make it perfectly clear: none of us makes enough money to afford any of these!   :)

Finally, I want to welcome the Alliance LARP to our family of LARPs that have approved the use of latex/foam weapons in their gaming and combat system! The product lines which they have approved are listed in the various Approval Lists on the home page.

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Our order from Iron Fortress has arrived, and with it we have a new version of the Hellfire. This new version is sleeker, darker in overall color, has a different hilt, and all in all is pretty darned cool!

Last week a customer purchased two Sentinels and wanted them shipped to Europe via the USPS, but I was unable to do so because the Sentinels exceed the maximum size limit for USPS shipments to Europe. This resulted in the following new paragraph being added at the bottom of the page of every product whose overall length exceeds 48":

For shipments outside the US, please check the USPS website to see if they will be able to ship your order. If this item does not fit within the size restrictions for your country, a shipping service other than the USPS will be required: USPS Size Limits

Hopefully this will help our non-US customers immediately know if the USPS will be able to ship their order, or if an alternate shipping service will be required.

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I had a very thoughtful customer who purchased an Iron Fortress Sentinel from me last Friday. In his note he said that another retailer had the same item at a lower cost, but that since I aactually answered my email he decided to purchase the item from Knighthawk Armoury! When I asked, he provided the name of the competitor, and I went and checked out their website.

I have adjusted my prices on those few items in which the competitor had a better deal so that the prices offered by Knighthawk Armoury now match those of the comptetition or are lower. NOTE: My price may be anywhere from $5 to $10 higher in a few cases, but remembver that Knighthawk Armoury offers free shipping on those items where that occurs! Ya gotta compare apples to apples....

I sent my very thoughtful customer a "thank you" coupon" to express my appreciation for his information and his business!

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Here's a 90 second video of a brief sales presentations at A-Kon 2009. Many thanks to Zombie Shawn for the video and for his kind comments!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year!

Many thanks to Brett Paul of IFGS for the wonderfully captioned image that we now have posted on the bottom of our Links page! (Be sure to Refresh the page if you do not see the "Night Hawk" entry!) :)

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The outstanding Action Props, EaglFlex, and Calimacil orders all came in last week, and I've finished updating the website. We have four new Calimacil products: three swords and a dagger; and our Action Props and EagleFlex Shield stock has been replenished.

Some very good news is that Calimacil agreed to create some of their products in sizes that are no longer available, for which I am very grateful. As long as I can offer these to you, I will continue to do so!

Meanwhile, check out the three new swords from Calimacil, they are truly gorgeous!

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I heard from Action Props today and my next order will be shipped on 06-NOV-2009. In addition, I've placed an order with Calimacil, and WILL be placing an order with Forgotten Dreams later this week. The plan is to have the bins full of product in time for the Christmas season!

Please note that Calimacil has made a strategic decision to reduce the number of products that that they offer. This does NOT mean they have fewer models, this means that most models will only be offered in one size from now own. If you want a particular model in a size not offered, Calimacil will OCCASIONALLY be able to make a custom sized model for you IF I can include such an item in an already large order. Though you cannot count on any such custom sized product to be made for you, you CAN ask us to inquire for you IF such an item is possible.

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I finally got the Category pages completed and published. This will make it possible to search for all products of a specific type, like "all Longswords" or "all Staffs". By the way, the Category pages were the result of a suggestion from a client, so if you have a constructive and practical suggestion to help improve this website, please be sure to send your suggestion to support@latex-weaponry.com. If your suggestion is something we can do that adds true value to the website, we probably WILL implement it!

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We just received our order from Iron Fortress. We FINALLY have some Sentinels in stock, and we brought in three new products: the
Dervish Spear, the two-handed sword Baal, and the new Double Bladed Battle Axe.!


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We just acquired a bunch of new products, and all of them are now available. Most of the new stuff is from Iron Fortress, but we also got three new items from the FD Elven Collection and three new items from the FD Medieval Collection.

Coordinating the acquisition of the new products and prepping for the upcoming Holiday season (got to order product WAAAAAAAAY in advance) has taken up most of my time. The Categories pages and the Deal of The Week are still in the queue, however, and have NOT been forgotten.

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OK, so it's been THREE weeks and I've still not got the Categories pages set up nor the Deal Of The Week built. *Sigh*

I do apologize. It has been crazy-busy and I've just not had the time. Both of these items are still on my list of things to do, and I >>> WILL <<< get to them. Soon.

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We've got a couple of things coming up, hopefully by the end of next week. First, we're going to add a CATEGORY section to the navigation menu on the top-right hand side of each page. The Categories will be "Longswords, Shortswords, Daggers, Bludgeons, Axes, Staffs, and Arrows". Each category will be a single page that lists EVERY item of that category that we carry. So you would go to the new Category "Longsword" to see ALL of the longswords that we stock. Ditto for each of the other categories.

The other thing is that we'll start having a DEAL OF THE WEEK! Every week, and we'll TRY to make this a different deal each week, we'll list a single item at a SUBSTANTIAL discount. These items will remain available for 7 days or until we run out of stock on that item, whichever comes first.

So stop by the website in about a week and check out the new features! And maybe get yourself a GREAT deal!   :)

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We received our latest order from EagleFlex, so many of the items of which we were our of stock are now available. We also have 5 of the Basic Sheilds currently available.

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We've got our latest order in from Iron Fortress! The good news is that we have five new products.More good news is that we are stocked up on the low-speed LARP arrows, as well as the round-head crossbow boltts. The bad news is that they STILL have no Sentinels available, and I've no idea why this is the case but I've disallowed any back-orders until their supply line for this item gets straightened out.

Check out the five new products: the Vorpal longsword, the Persian shortsword, the Battle Axe, the Bone Blade, and the Round-Head LARP Arrows with red fletching.

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We have received our next order from Action props, and it includes a great new item: the Fighter's Deluxe Longsword! This is an enhanced version of the Fighter's Longsword; it has far more decoration ~AND~ a weighted handle for faster strikes with more control and less effort!

Astute observers will notice that many of the Action Props prices went up. This is because our prices are tied directly to our costs, and between the cost of the British Pound, shipping, and Customs - we had no choice. If these factors are lowered in the future, then our prices will be lowered as well.

On the topic of prices: we will still provide the IDV arrows for our customers, but IDV will no longer sell directly to any retailer in the United States. That means that we now have another layer between the maufacturer and YOU, so of course the prices have gone up. Please note that we only carry these items because so many of you have requested them, and we sell them at our cost. Again: if the factors involved in the cost of the IDV arrows goes down, so will our prices.

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We have a new set of LARP weapons from Forgotten Dreams: the Ancient Collection! This collection includes a wicked, mid-sized blade, the Falcata, and a full length Spear! We have also stocked up on our other Collections, so if you checked the site at some point and we were out of a particular product, check back now and see if we've got what you want!

We also added the link to the new Ancient Collection in the FD dropdown menus and across the bottom of all of our pages.

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Nothing ever gets cheaper, and the same is true of shipping costs. We've had to raise the minimum size of an order that is eligible for free shipping from $30 to $40.

Updated the website as follows: Removed the "FD Bludgeons" links, updated the inventory lists, and added Action Props to the Product Comparison page. Be sure to REFRESH the page when you land on it or you'll get the old version displayed!

We have received the lastest shipment from Iron Fortress. We have two new swords in stock: The Dark Blade and the Hellfire. Both are excellent weapons that look great and feel wonderful in your hand, with firm grips and zero whip on the blades!

More GOOD news is that we did receive several Archmage staffs. They are of "2nd quality", which means that there are from one to three wrinkles in the latex on the top set of flanges - much like you would get after using the staff in one or two games. OUR price on these weapons was slightly lower than the price of the standard staffs, so those that we now have in stock are reduced in price by $20 to reflect this difference.

Even MORE GOOD news is that we got the latest shipment from EagleFlex, so we are restocked on everything except our Basic Heater Shields, which are custom made for us and take longer to get than the normal products.

The BAD news is that they had NO Sentinels. None. And they won't have any until the end of May. Ouch.

We wish to welcome another new LARP that has approved our weapons for their gaming: Seventh Kingdom. This is a new LARP that is starting up in the New Jersey area, and we wish them LOTS of fun and excitement in their LARPing adventures! Check out their website!

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Our latest order from Action Props has arrived, and it contains two new swords. First, we have a Chinese Dao. It is a work of art, and to make things better, sufficient weight has been added to the hilt so that the sword is balanced. It is an effortless delight to wield.

The other new sword is a Fighter's Longsword. This is a basic longsword usable by anyone that swings a sword. It is reasonably priced, and like all of the Action Prop swords it comes with a carbon fiber. core! Sweet!

And finally, just a quick note to let you know that we have our Vampire Stakes back in stock.

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We have now started carrying the LARP arrows created by IDV Engineering. (Note: IDV is a German company and most of their website is in German.) These padded arrows are designed by to be used safely in LARP combat using a bow with a maximum draw of 30 lbs. Note that many LARPs only allow a bow with a 25 lb draw and these arrows will work brilliantly with that strength bow.

These arrows have been extensively tested and are the standard against which all other LARP arrows are measured. They provide a User Manual for your edification, and they also have a cool IDV flyer that's fun to look at.

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Out stock of Calimacil weapons has arrived! YAY! We've bee very short on these beauties for several months, but with the large shipment we received late last wek, we are pretty well stocked up.

We want to welcome Shadowed Realms Gaming to the family of LARPs that approves and uses our weapons! If you are in the Michigan area and want to check out a new LARP, contact the owner through their website.

In addition, please welcome Devia to our family of LARPs! Their website is superb, and contains their rule book, pictures, and pretty much everything you'd need to join up and have fun!

Another interesting note, Action Props is creating another new item for Knighthawk Armoury: a Chinese Dao. It should be here is a few weeks, along with more of the VERY popular (and rightly so) Rapiers.

Another new product soon to be added are LARP ARROWS from IDV engineering. Please note that their website is in German. The first batch of arrows will arrive in a few weeks, and these arrows will all have the glow in the dark fletching so they can be used at night.

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We now have Rapiers and Sabers in stock!

Artyfakes is the company that designed the original set of LARP weaponry for Ex-Caliber. Artyfakes creates a variety of products in different mediums, and their Action Props division is the one that creates latex/foam LARP weapons. They have agreed to produce a line of latex/foam LARP weapons exclusively for Knighthawk Armoury, and this is the first set of swords in a line that we are extremely proud to be able to offer!

Note that the Action Props line of latex-foam weapons is NOT the same as the old Ex-Caliber product line. The current line of Action Props weapons have been designed to meet the safety requirements of all of the English and European LARPs, and what that means is that these weapons are much more firm than the old Ex-Caliber weapons. They also look WAY better and are FAR more durable.

Each of these superb latex-foam weapons is hand made, and each item is made with a carbon fiber core - quite simply the finest core availble. These weapons have ZERO whip, and the tips on every blade are slightly wider than the rest of the blade for added safety and durability.

One last thing: Artyfakes is VERY willing to work with me on the creation of custom weapons! If you want to be truly amazed, check out their website and just LOOK at what they are capable of doing! Yes, the Plasma Cannon is latex/foam. Their skill and artistry is truly astonishing, and we are DELIGHTED to welcome Artyfakes as one of our premier vendors!

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We welcome Empire: Rise Of The Gladiators to the ranks of those LARPS that approve and use the Knighthawk Armoury line of LARP products! Their site is very nice, and if you want some more history on the Gladiators of those times, check out The Gladiators, a nice site with some great information, fascinating history, and cool pictures!

And in case you missed it, we have three new items from Iron Fortress. Check out the two new staffs and the new short sword Leonidas!

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I received a new order from Iron Fortress, and it included a set of coreless Throwing Knifes. These look great and are an excellent size if you want to carry more than one.

Stay tuned, I'll have a surprise for everyone in about a month: can you say "Rapier"?   :)

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Finally got the website updated with the new Star Shuriken from Calimacil. I also tightened up the Calimacil page a bit since we have so many of these superb products.

Last week the very last of the Ex-Caliber products was sold, and it was with great sadness that I removed the Ex-Caliber line from the website.

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We have received two new products and two revised products. The coolest new product is the Captain's Deep sword from Calimacil.

Equally cool in a different way is the
Basic Heater Shield from EagleFlex. This is a simple heater shield with a steel rim and a plain black faceplate. It can be used as is, or you can easily customize it in any way you deem appropriate!

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Today we welcome a new LARP in the New England area called Sidereus to the family of live action groups that have officially approved the use of our products. Sidereus has sanctioned - and recommends - the use of the Calimacil, EagleFlex, Forgotten Dreams, and Iron Fortress product lines of latex/foam LARP weapons for use in their gaming environment!

By the way, the image on their home page is way cool! :)

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We have a new product line: Iron Fortress! All of their products look great, and they have some of the best looking - and longest - staffs I've ever seen. We've got three new staffs, a new Naginata, three new daggers, new short swords, some wicked cool new Axes, and a couple of new longswords!

Note that their blades are a bit thicker than the Forgotten Dreams blades, and a bit thinner than the EagleFlex blades - all in all they are very cool, superb looking, very safe LARP weapons! Iron Fortress

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My last order of Forgotten Dreams products arrived yesterday: the back-orders have been filled and the inventory has been updated. I also brought in a few new products from the Imperial Collection and from the SwordMasters Collection

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An evil fiend, I mean friend, of mine sent me a link to a FANTASTIC on-line comic called "Girl Genius". I opened it up. That pretty much took up my ENTIRE evening! Check it out:

The comic is in the Steampunk tradition, and both the art and the story are incredibly entertaining! I've also added a banner link in the FUN STUFF section on the Link page. Enjoy!

On a personal note, today is my 19th wedding anniversary to THE MOST WONDERFUL woman on Earth. This is a day of joy and celebration for both my wife and me! Trust me....you CAN get a marraige right, and when it is right it is the BEST thing in the world!

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I have two large orders out, one with Calimacil and one with Forgotten Dreams, and they should both be shipped by the end of July. Tack on a week for the Calimacil order to arrive, and two weeks for the Forgotten Dreams order to clear Customs and my inventory levels should be back to normal.

I've also got an order out with my EagleFlex supplier...they're going to send me what they have in stock, and the remainder will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks. *Sigh*

Meanwhile, I would very much like to welcome the folks at Dying Kingdoms as they have recently started using the Calimacil line of products! Best of luck with their LARP and best wishes for many exciting and fun adventures!

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At long last we can offer you a staff; we call ours the Wizard's Combat Staff. With an overall length of 48 inches (121 cm), this staff is lightweight, durable, and extremely safe. Oh, and let's not forget that this is a Calimacil product so it is simply GORGEOUS!

The Wizard's Combat Staff is listed at the bottom of the Calimacil page.

This staff was designed at our request and in cooperation with Knighthawk Armoury, so we can safely say that it is our baby! We specified that they be made with the hybrid core so that they can safely be used in full contact combat. In addition, we focused on keeping the cost of the product as low as possible - you will be surprised and most pleased at the relatively low cost of this staff! Enjoy!

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A-Kon 19 was held this last weekend, and it was a raging success for us. As a result we are low or out of a number of the items we normally carry in stock. But fear not, O Intrepid One... orders have been placed with Calimacil, EagleFlex, and Forgotten Dreams! We should be getting in replacement stock for about half of our items in two weeks or less; the rest of the stock will take three to six weeks to arrive.

The new Chaos line of swords turned out to be VERY popular. There's just something about those gleaming black blades....

By the way, our website has been modified to link to the various product pages of the shopping cart without the return path being specified. Along with the changes made by the shopping cart (see news item dated 29-MAY-2008 below) this should completely resolve any issues with using Internet Explorer v6 to view our website.

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One of our observant and very helpful customers emailed me to say that he had found some of the Forgotten Dreams products we offer elsewhere at a lower price. To which my response was "SAY WHAT?!?!?!" :O

Knighthawk Armoury PRIDES itself on offering THE lowest prices on the products we offer, so I checked it out. It turns out that in most cases, the so-called "lower" prices did not include shipping, and when you factored in the shipping costs, our prices WERE lower. In a few instances, though, my friend was right.

So I went through ALL of our Forgotten Dreams items and lowered the prices. Then I went back again and ensured that our prices were lower than those offered by our competition!

THANK YOU to our friend that pointed this out!

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UPDATE on 05-JUN-2008:
This issue has been completely resolved; see the above entry for details...
UPDATE on 29-MAY-2008:
The Shopping Cart software has been updated in such a way that I no longer need to have the return path specified on my links to the various product pages! This means as soon as I get the website updated with the new product page links, this problem will be history!

Original Issue With IEv6:
If you are using Internet Explorer, version 6 as your browser, and you try to click on a product page from the "group" page with all of the thumbnails, in most cases you will NOT be able to get to the product page.

The work-around for this is as follows
      Click on the product page link
      When the "The page cannot be found" error occurs, stay on that page
      Go to the address bar across the top and delete everything after "/exact_match=exact/"
      Hit the "Enter" key

      You should now be on the product page

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We are working with the Shopping Cart people to get this resolved as soon as possible. These links work perfectly with IEv7, FireFox, and with every other browser of which we are aware.

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The shopping cart we use is hosted and run by a third party: King Cart. The King Cart website experienced a catastrophic disk failure yesterday which took their site out completely. That's why you could get into our site - Knighthawk Armoury - but you were unable to click onto a product page. ANY product page.

At about 6:20 this evening, the shopping cart seems to be fully restored and all of our products are now accessible once again.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this outage.

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I have received my first order in from Forgotten Dreams that includes three new collections: The Chaos Collection includes the two coolest shields I've ever seen, as well as some fabulous new swords. The Elven collection includes some spectacular Elven styled blades, including a Naginata! The Medieval Collection is a matched set of Dagger, Shortsword, and Longsword with a wonderful design.

Enjoy them all!

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I added a fun widget to the bottom of the Home page and to the top of this News page. No personal information is collected, but it shows you the city of the last 100 visitors! It's fun and way cool!

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The Calimacil prices have been updated as required by the factory. Note that most of the items went up by $10, but the prices on several of the products were actually LOWERED!

Please notice that items longer than 48" (or 121 cm) are not eligible for free shipping. This condition was specified because we have some VERY long items coming in with our next order, including the Forgotten Dreams Naginata. Like shields, the shipping on these very long items is simply too much for us to absorb.

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I just heard about about ConQuest America, an enormous nation-wide, live action roleplaying event open to anyone who wants to play. There is a rich political system and a relatively simple set of rules for players; you can read the rules on their website. This year the game site is located at Stonehouse Park in Earlville, Illinois.

Knighthawk Armoury is one of the approved vendors for this event.

Calimacil Pricing

Calimacil will be raising their prices at the end of March 2008. Most of the swords will increase in cost by $10. The real kicker is that in addition to this cost, some of their less popular models will only be available as a factory order - which means that Calimacil will not keep these items in stock and will have to manufacture them when I order them. This will incur an additional 3% fee per item.

The good news - and yes, there is some good news - is that for those items that are not kept in stock, you will be able to specify the color scheme they want for the hilt of the weapon. In addition, you will also be able to order the blade in different colors. The details of these options, like what colors are available and if there are any fees for these additional options, will be hammered out by 31-MAR-2008.

I'll post all of this information on the Calimacil FAQ page once it has been set in stone.

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The Forgotten Dreams Design Studio has 6 new Collections from which they offer a variety of LARP weapons. Please remember that Forgotten Dreams is a German company, so the site is in German. Meanwhile, here are the new categories: While these products are seriously cool, they are ALL priced in Euros,and the last time I checked the conversion rate, € 1 = $1.47 USD. This means that these guys are going to cost about 50% more than the standard collection.

To let me know if anyone out there is interested in these items I've added the following polls. The first poll is to determine how many of you out there that are SERIOUSLY interested in acquiring at least one of these products The second poll wants to know which of the collections in which you are interested. The third poll is to let me know WHICH of these items are of interest. NOTE: If you are seriouisly interested in more than one item, pick the first item then click the submit button, and repeat for each item in which you are seriously intereted.

Please let me know what you honestly think! And you can always send me an email to let me know precisely what you want from the FD Design Studio!

Would you buy from the new Forgotten Dreams collections?

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If so, from which collection would you buy?

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In which item are you interested?

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Happy New Year! We wish everyone a happy, safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year! May all your dreams come true and may all of you be truly blessed!

Last year was great! We added two new product lines, EagleFlex and Calimacil, which has rounded out our product lines so that we can offer YOU a full range of LARP weaponry!

Reminder: I've still got a few of the Ex-Caliber line of weapons in stock. These are great products at an excellent price. One they're gone, they are gone for ever since Ex-Caliber is out of the LARP weapon business. - so get them while they are still available!

Don't forget your special sweetie on Valentine's Day, which is coming up in less than a month! And nothing says "I love you" and "BOY do I trust you" in quite the same way as a new weapon from Knighthawk Armoury!     :)

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