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It's official: NERO no longer allows the use of the Ex-Caliber line of weapons UNLESS your Chapter allows them to be grandfathered in. NERO is moving full-force to the Forgotten Dreams line of products.

What this means is that if you want to purchase a new Ex-Caliber latex-foam weapon for a NERO event, you are strongly advised not to do so. HOWEVER, if you already own an Ex-Caliber weapon you should check with your local chapter as some of them will allow the ExCals to be used in certain circumstances (one example might be that you purchased your ExCal while they were still legal in NERO).

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The people who are doing our Custom Weapons are in the process of moving. That means that we need to impose a moratorium on new Custom Weapon orders for at least the next 6 weeks, and possibly until January of next year; it all depends on when the equipment gets set back up and is ready for production.

The bottom line is that we can accept no new Custom Orders until the move has been completed. We'll post it when new Custom Orders are once again being accepted!

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!

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Just got my Forgotten Dreams order and have updated the inventory. I also got a HUGE order of Ex-Caliber products in the other day so we're stocked up pretty well on those items.

One more show remains for us in 2005, so be sure to swing by the 2nd annual FenCon this year and look for our table!

A clarification is required on the Free Shipping for the Forgotten Dreams products. The free shipping only applies to orders within the United States. Shipments to all other countries will still have the shipping charge applied to the order. Sorry for the confusion!

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Just got word from my supplier that the price of the Forgotten Dreams products has been slashed by about 20% across the board.

Now if I were a customer that had recently purchased an FD item, then I came back to the site to discover that the price I paid for that item had been lowered, I'd be annoyed.

So I'll make this offer to any of my customers that have purchased a Forgotten Dreams product from Knighthawk Armoury: send an email to "" indicating which Forgotten Dreams product you purchased, the date you bought it or the Order Number, and the price you paid for the item and I'll send you a rebate coupon for the difference in price between the new cost and what you paid. The amount of the rebate will be based on a sliding scale determined by how long ago you bought the item:
  1. From 01-AUG-2005 to today...... ==> 100%
  2. From 01-JUL-2005 to 31-JUL-2005 ==> 75%
  3. From 01-JUN-2005 to 30-JUN-2005 ==> 50%
  4. All other purchase dates....... ==> 25%
Example 1: Susan bought a product for $100 three days ago. The new price of the item is $80. Her rebate would be:     (100 - 80) * 100% = (20 * 1.0) = $20.

Example 2: Jim bought a product for $100 on 15-JUL-2005. The new price of the item is $80. His rebate would be:     (100 - 80) * 75% = (20 * .75) = $15.

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I'm picking up my order from Ex-Caliber today, now that it has been released from Customs.

I'm also picking up the last of my outstanding Forgotten Dreams today! This should include the Asian weapons as well as the products for those few remaining backorders.

I'll get the website updated this evening to reflect the new stock.

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My order from Ex-Caliber has arrived! of course, now it's sitting in Customs awaiting clearance. Did you know that if you import over $2000 worth of merchandise that a "broker" must submit the paperwork to Customs to get the shipment cleared? I learned this yesterday.

Hopefully I'll have the product in my hands in a few days. As soon as I actually get the product in-house I'll update the inventory on the website.

I also received a wonderful letter from the Sensei of the Austin Bujinkan Tanemaki Dojo. Mr. Kendall Kelsoe. Sensei Kelsoe picked up a couple of Katanas at A-Kon this year to see if they would work as training weapons; here's the results of his training test.

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I've updated the menus on the right-hand side of the website to include two more dropdown menus. This should simplify the navigation to the most frequented pages on the site.

Custom Weapons have been added to the menus.

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The remainder of my order should be arriving this week. I've also placed a new order to include all products that I did not previously include in my previous orders. This means that HOPEFULLY by next week (or possibly the week after that) I'll be carrying the complete FD line in stock; though I cannot guarantee that I'll have all colors of each item in stock
I've also been informed that my order from Ex-Caliber should be ready for shipment this week. I'm hoping to get it in the next two weeks. We'll see....

I found out this weekend that my supplier still does not have all of the product that THEY ordered, which explains why my order was not completely fulfilled last week. The good news is that my supplier is supposed to receive the rest of their product this week.

We received the second batch of Forgotten Dreams product from the supplier yesterday; so we've got about half of our total order. The rest of our product should be arriving from Germany this week, and we'll probably have it by the end of next week.

Please note that all of the Forgotten Dreams products have free shipping from this point on!

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The shopping cart has been configured to automatically apply a 5% discount on all Forgotten Dream orders where two or more items from the same style are purchased in a single order.

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Knighthawk Armoury is a proud sponsor of the NERO Interactive Adventures being held at ORIGINS this year, and are mentioned in the press release issued by NERO.

We are also listed as one of the sponsors on the Origins page of the NERO website! (Listed in the set of Prize Sponsors in the Who section of the page.)

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The swords from our first order of Forgotten Dreams products have arrived! Well, a small portion of our first order arrived, but the supplier has already sent what I hope is the remainder of our order to us via UPS today! Now THAT's excellent service!

I have filled the backorders that I can at this time and should be able to fill the outstanding backorders when the remainder of my order arrives on 20-JUN-2005.

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The swords from our first order of Forgotten Dreams products have arrived! I'll inventory them this evening and update the website tonight or tomorrow.

The Events page has been brought up to date.

A-KON Roundup:
A-Kon was FABULOUS!!! We had a great time and the table was busy from the time the doors opened until the Dealer's Room was closed! Whew! MANY THANKS to all of you who were there and supported us.

This year we had a fighting area right by the table, so we held Fighting Sessions nearly the entire time we were there. This is something we are going to try to do at every show. It's way fun and demonstrates both the safety and durability of these products! Nothing says "safety" like two pre-teens going at it with these weapons and having a GRAND time - and no one getting hurt!

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Well, I caught a nasty cold on Thursday and it kept me out of action all last weekend, so the website has not yet been updated as promised. I've started working on that update....

UPDATE #3: The Swords we ordered from Forgotten Dreams will be arriving in the US today.

On another note, I'm getting ready to update the website to allow a 5% discount for folks that purchase more than one of the Forgotten Dreams weapons in the same style in a single purchase. That update should be in place this weekend.

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UPDATE #2: The Swords we ordered from Forgotten Dreams will be arriving in two to three weeks. However, the Hammers and Maces we ordered will not arrive until the middle or end of June 2005.

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We are back from Reno and all of the orders placed since Thursday have been shipped. I'll get the shipping notifications out tomorrow.

UPDATE #1: The Forgotten Dreams order I placed is now scheduled to arrive late next week. I'll update the NEWS and the INVENTORY pages when it does arrive.

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We are headed to Reno, Nevada on Thursday, 05-MAY-2005, so all orders placed between today and Saturday will be shipped out on Monday, 09-MAY-2005.

FYI: The Forgotten Dreams order I placed has still not arrived. I'll update the NEWS and the INVENTORY pages when it does arrive.

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The website has been updated and now includes the Forgotten Dreams line of latex-foam LARP weaponry!

Knighthawk Armoury has added the Forgotten Dreams line of latex-foam LARP weapons to it's inventory!

These products have been fully approved for use in the NERO gaming world. Please see the Latex Weapon Playtest Announcement on the NERO Policy page for details on how enthusiastically NERO views this line of products!

Please note that at this time, we have none of these items in stock. Our order is scheduled to arrive the last weekend of April. Until then, all orders placed for these items will be back-ordered.

There are two excellent reasons to go ahead and place an order now instead of waiting until later. First, all orders placed with us will be filled in the order they were received; in other words "first come, first served". Second, Knighthawk Armoury is offering free shipping for all Forgotten Dreams back-orders.

One more bit of interesting news is that Forgotten Dreams is currently developing a set of latex-foam weaponry designed to replace the rattan-based weapons used in the SCA Senior Division! These products, when fully developed, will be capable of standing up to the full bore, go-for-broke, all-out, full contact kind of combat used in the SCA, in Amtgard, and in various martial arts classes!

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Well, it's been a while since my last update! Much has happened since Christmas....

The Knighthawk Armoury list of clients continues to grow. We've gotten the Custom Weapons service off the ground and have delivered the first batch of Customized Weaponry - and the customers are very happy with their way cool, one-of-a-kind weapons!

We have a presence at Gulf Wars XIV, which is going on right now and runs through the 20th. I've been getting daily reports and there is a LOT of interest from the attendees! We are currently working on acquiring official approval from at least four separate SCA Kingdoms for our products for both the Equestrian and the Junior Divisions.

Despite a variety of pressures, we have maintained our pricing leadership and we can STILL legitimately claim to offer the lowest prices on Earth for the Ex-Caliber line of products!

Many thanks to Matt Howes for pointing out that a competitor has purchased the domain name Be sure of your location when you shop.

(17-MAR-2005. Mild rant deleted, as my wife told me to lighten up and recognize that business happens. She's right, as usual! :) )

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