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Here is the inventory currently in stock for the Ateliers Nemesis and Calimacil products carried by Knighthawk Armoury.
Note: This page takes a few moments to fully load, so please be patient.

Ateliers Nemesis Quantity
Assassin's Knife
Bowie Knife
Elven Knife
Japanese Tanto
Kandjar Dagger
Musketeer's Dagger
Noble's Dagger
Ranger's Knife
Ritual Knife
Viking Seax
Japanese Katana
Musketeer's Sword
Soldier's Sword
Strategist's Dao
Weapon Master's Sword
Wizard's Sword

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Calimacil - Sword & Spears Quantity
Agrippa (Bastard)
Antique Gladius (Short)
Bellator (Two Handed)
Bellator II (Two Handed)
Black Asmoth
Bratel Saber (Short)
Dark Angel (Bastard)
Dark Angel II (Bastard)
Dragon Knight (Two Handed)
Emerald Knight (Bastard)
Falchion (Long)
Gladius (Short)
Griffon Claw (Bastard)
Hangaku Naginata
Highlander Brass Claymore
Highlander Silver Claymore
Jian (Short)
Khepri (Two-Handed)
Kira, Double Spear
Krom (Two Handed)

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Calimacil - Swords & Spears Quantity
Magnus (BAZ294)
Medieval (ED42FF)
Moloch III: Stone Abyss
Musashi Katana
Musashi Wakizashi
Ninja Katana
Novice II (Long)
Onyx, Double Spear
Pirate (Short)
Shar'krist (Long)
Squire (Short)
Squire (Long)
Squire (Bastard)
Tarkasis Saber (Short)
Templar (Bastard)
Viking (Short)
Wyvern (Long)

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Calimacil - Other Products Quantity
Avenging Cross
Bonsai Tsuba
Dagger, Bratel
Dagger, Celtic
Dagger, Phoenix
Halber Head, Steel
Halber Head, Black Murten
Razor Shuriken
Star Shuriken
Thorgrim Double Axe
Varan Axe (Long)
Lonnar's Hammer
Sledge Hammer
War Hammer
Yngvar Axe (Two-Handed)

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This information is almost always accurate. It will only be out of date when I sell product at a show or an event and have not yet had a chance to update the inventory on the website to reflect those changes. I'll try to make those updates as quickly as possible!

Negative quantities indicate backorders.

I know that backording products can be a pain, but remember that when I DO get new stock in, I fill my backorders first. If you have any questions about when my next shipment is due in, check the
News & Events page; and if the information is not there then drop me a line.

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