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Here are some related sites of interest. Most of these sites deal with "real" products not suitable for use in a LARP, but they're fun and you might be interested in what they've got! All entries are listed alphabetically.

Historical Information

Castles of the Middle Ages When you think of castles, you probably imagine huge stone fortresses with towers, moats, and drawbridges. Castles were common in Europe during the Middle Ages and were often the homes of royal families or other powerful people. The main purpose of castles was to protect the people who lived there from invasions. (Thanks to Ana for this link.)

Medicine In Medieval Times This page has a fascinating discussion about how medicine was practiced in medieval times.

Medieval Warfare
. The site discusses aspects of warfare and arms in Medieval Europe. Illustrated techniques and practices in castle sieges, battle, mêlées and jousts, cross referenced to battlefields, castles and original source documents. Includes information on armour, weaponry and siege engines. (We are listed as "Latex-Larp Weaponry" on page 3 of their Other Useful Sites, available at the bottom of the home page.)

The Medieval Lifestyle This page provides a brief overview on the various aspects of the Medieval lifestyle, including the food, art, clothing, weapons, medicine, and the games and entertainment of the times.

Traditional Medieval Weddings The medieval period (generally accepted as the 4th to 15th century) brought about lasting changes in the way marriages were arranged and perceived. Several rituals that rose in popularity in the Middle Ages are still in practice today...

Women's Medieval Fashion Trends This is a highly informative and fascinating page that discusses how one's social display and rank played a large part in your clothing material and color selection. It also discusses the Sumptuary Laws, as well as how the materials were made, and how the colors were made.

The Middle Ages This is a portal with multiple links to various aspecys of medieval life. Links include information on weapons, lifestyles, sports and entertainment, people, arts, literature, and the resources available of the time. Note that the "Armor, Leather Armor, and Boiled Armor sections discuss how to make these types of armor.


Air Spray Guns - M.G. Distributors provide wholesale HVLP Air Spray Guns & Accessories to our customers at the lowest price and highest quality. Our broad range of HVLP paint spryer, spray paint guns and accessories like air regulators bring you more professional and high quality finish as compared to other spray guns on the market.
. Buy Roman and medieval knight armor, weapons, and swords from Quality helmets and shields for collectors, costumes, reenactment and more.

Azhar Trading & Co
offers a wide range of Movies Swords, Replica Swords, Video Games anime Swords, Final Fantasy swords, Damascus Blades swords, knives, helmets' shields, Axes, and tools.
(Knighthawk Armoury is listed on their links page.)

Darksword Armoury
is proud to offer hand-forged, battle-ready medieval swords and Daggers to the SCA and collectors of combat ready swords. Their medieval swords, armors and renaissance rapiers are collected throughout the world.

ELAD'S leather armor
specializes in custom-design armor from an ancient and fantasy genre. Their stuff is simply AWESOME! (Knighthawk Armoury is listed in their Links page.)

Fantasy Blades
offers a wide range of Fantasy Blades, Movies Swords, Replica Swords, Video Games anime Swords, Final Fantasy swords, Damascus Blades swords, knives, helmets' shields, Axes, and tools.
(Knighthawk Armoury is listed on their Links page.)

Halloween Party Online specializes in the latest celebrity, pop culture, and rave trends, and offer one of the widest stocked and made-to-order wig and costume selections available in the world.

Hunting Gear
- The Gear Hunt offers a wide range of hunting rquipment and accessories, including blinds, including blinds, canoes, clothing, optics, knives, and archery.

IQ: IQ Test Prep
- Take a free IQ test and get instant results!This site is designed to help people learn more about human intelligence. IQ tests are one of the most common tools used by researchers to try to understand and measure human intelligence.

IQ: The Stanford-Binet IQ Test
- The Stanford-Binet test is designed to measure an individual’s overall intelligence, cognitive ability, and detect any cognitive impairment or learning disabilities. The test measures factors such as memory, reasoning, knowledge, and processing. Choose the long IQ test or short IQ test below to see how you score!

Japanese Katana - Dr. offers a wide selection of Japanese Katana swords at the most affordable prices.

- has hunting, pocket and Swiss Army knives on sale. Secure online ordering.
(Knighthawk Armoury is listed in their Resources page, under Replica Swords.)

Medieval Costumes
. Search historical costumes latest design of renaissance clothing, renaissance costumes, medieval clothing, renaissance dresses, medieval costumes collocation get also renaissance festival updated dates, address, images, maps and videos. (Look for our link here.)

Medieval Costumes & Dresses - The Middle Ages is the felicitous website for all medieval costumes & dresses need. Here you will serve with high quality of period dress, embellish with rich and opulent designs.

Night Vision Planet
. This is an excellent resourse for Day and Night Vision Products like daylight and night vision goggles and binoculars, night vision monoculars, range finders, telescopes, opera glasses, and so on. (We are listed as "Latex-Larp Weaponry" on page 3 of their Other Useful Sites, available at the bottom of the home page.)

Paint Sprayer Magazine
They're a paint spraying magazine written and frequently updated by a team of paint spraying lovers. Our mission is to provide the world with a great resource for finding information on paint spraying. This is done through how to's, news, and up-to-date reviews of the newest models on the market. Simply put, our mission is to help you master your paint sprayer without having to go through a steep learning curve.

Pera Peris
. This is a German website that has FABULOUS medieval jewelry, leather work, clothing, buckles, pins, and so much more. All your needs for a Medieval Reenactment are here!

Play Free Online Games Play over eight thousand free online games including multiplayer flash games, cricket games, free racing games, online sports games, action games, arcade games, strategy and puzzle games and more! New free games added in database on daily basis.

Pirate Shirt
. Find huge collecation of Pirate Shirts, Gothic corsets, Gothic Shirts, Gothic Clothing, Skirts, Goth clothing, Blouses, and Coats, Pants in the various design and colors also available on TheGothCode. (Look for our link here.)

Pirate Shirts
. Get Authentic Pirate Shirts for Men and Women. Our collection of Pirate Skirts, Shirt, Blouse, Boots, Shoes, Knee High Boots, Renaissance Boots, Leather Boots, Medieval Boots, Pirate Footwear Outfit. Wear it to any Pirate Clothing or Pirate Event. (Look for our link here.)

Roman Helmets. View our selection of finely-crafted Roman helmets. Each Roman helmet was given meticulous detail in order to please any collector

Sawing Pros - Welcome to – The website that can teach you everything you need to know about all the different saws on the market. We have always loved using different saws and discovering new saws that can be used for different purposes. We truly love to discover saws, use them and blog about their uses. This is why we have created, that works as an authority site that can answer all your questions from: What is the best Chainsaw? to questions like: How to sharpen a chainsaw. Simply put: we cover everything about saws. On our website, we write about the most known saws out there. You can find most of our comprehensive saw buying guides below this.

Steampunk Clothing - Steampunk clothing is synonym to punk sub-genre. Steampunk sub-genre which was started by people who shared common feeling for science and fantasy gradually enters into the lifestyle of people in the form of punk apparels and accessories. Note: This site features ladies clothing.

Tudor Dressing & Medieval Armour
. Buy Medieval Armor and Medieval knights costumes, clothes, shields, swords, and steel weapons. Carry high quality renaissance clothing, dresses and Pirate clothing, as well.
(Look for our link here.)

Welding Champs
. At WeldingChamps we love welding. We’ve been welding for years, and have always had a passion for it. On our blog, you will find sneaky tips and tricks when welding, and you will also find buying guides. So if you’re looking for a new TIG welder, Plasma cutter, MIG welder, or whatever, then you’ve found the right place.

Widener's Reloading & Shooting Supplies
. Widener's has been in the reloading business since the late 70's and were one of the first ammo and reloading shops on the internet in the mid-1990's. You can get bulk ammo as well as reloading supplies!
(Look for our link here.)

WoW Accounts
offers World of Warcraft accounts for sale. Buy wow accounts with a life time wow account guarantee at wow accounts store, you will have the cheapest price. You also can sell your wow account at our wow accounts store.

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