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This is the inventory currently in stock for the Iron Fortress line of products carried by Knighthawk Armoury.
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Forgotten Dreams: Ancient Quantity
Ancient Falcata Alexander
Ancient Spear
Roman Shield
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Forgotten Dreams: Chaos Quantity
Chaos Shortsword (C085)
Devil Shortsword (C085T)
Devil Longsword v2(C2110T01N)
Bone Longsword v2(C2110K01N)
Chaos Claymore (C150)
Devil Claymore v2 (C2150T01N)
Bone Claymore v2 (C2145K01N)
Devil Shield (C100T)
Undead Shield (C100)
Bone Shield v2 (C2105K04N)
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Forgotten Dreams: Elven Quantity
Elven Axe (E080-05N)
High Elven Katana 2nd Edition
High Elven Sword 2nd Edition
Elven Naginata (E150)
High Elven Naginata 2nd Edition
High Elven Staff 2nd Edition
Elven Tanto 2nd Edition
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Forgotten Dreams: Gaelic Quantity
Gaelic Axe, v2 (G2080-05N)
Gaelic Axe, Long (800_10)
Gaelic Axe, Double Bladed v2 (G2100_06N)
Gaelic Dagger (800_04)
Gaelic Warrior Sword (800_06)
Gaelic Warrior Sword v2 (G2085_01N)
Gaelic Longsword (G2100_01N)
Gaelic Claymore v2 (G2150_01N)
Gaelic Shield Deluxe (800_02)
Skimir Shield (G2075-02DS)
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Forgotten Dreams: Imperial Quantity
Imperial Commander Shield
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Forgotten Dreams: Medieval Quantity
Cavalier's Axe
Knight's Dagger (M045)
Knight's Longsword
Paladin Dagger
Paladin Longsword
Knight's Shortsword (M085)
Squire Sword
Medieval Claymore (M2150-01N)
Childs Shield
High Paladin Shield
v2 (M2125P04DS)
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Palnatoke Quantity
Drow Lord Blue LS (LP0090)
Elven Lord Gold LS (LP0089)
Samurai Brass LS (LP0082)
Battle Worn Marauder LS (LP0064)
Elven Saber Bronze LS (LP0088)
Squire Longsword, Steel (LP0050)
Elven Saber Green LS (LP0087)
Ninjato Brass Longsword (LP0058)
Ninjato Steel Longsword (LP0058)
Champion Shortsword, Steel (LP0002)
Orc Ragnarok Shortsword (LP0142)
Ninja Green Ragnarok SS (LP0141)
Viking Bronze Ragnarok SS (LP0143)
Warrior Steel Ragnarok SS (LP0139)
Elven Gold Ragnarok SS (LP0140)
Elven Dagger Bronze (LP0119)
Drow Dagger Steel (LP0117)
Elven Dagger Green (LP0118)
Ranger Dagger Brass (LP0112)
Tanto Dagger Brass (LP0115)
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This information is almost always accurate. It will only be out of date when I sell product at a show or an event and have not yet had a chance to update the inventory on the website to reflect those changes. I'll try to make those updates as quickly as possible!

Negative quantities indicate backorders.

I know that backording products can be a pain, but remember that when I DO get new stock in, I fill my backorders first. If you have any questions about when my next shipment is due in, check the
News & Events page; and if the information is not there then drop me a line.

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