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We are dedicated to ensuring that every Live Action Role Playing (LARP) group in the United States gets an opportunity to examine and use these gorgeous, safe, and durable items!

Latex LARP weapons have been used safely in Europe for over a decade. Knighthawk Armoury believes that the safety standards are substantially higher in a consistently made factory product than in individually constructed weapons whose quality relies on the person constructing the item. Though we know that your weapons are perfect, there are sub-standard weapons in use. Few individuals have access to customized foam, injection-mold processing equipment, carbon-fiber cores, or Kevlar.

Created from a customized foam engineered for shock absorption, these weapons are specifically designed for safe LARP combat.

Another advantage is that these weapons are lighter than most individually constructed weapons, allowing for a greater degree of control while providing for more speed during combat! The lighter weight also translates to less force being applied from each blow.


These weapons are designed from the core out to be safe and durable. The Kevlar covered tips help prevent breakthrough. The weight of the customized foam is the best available for shock absorption, yet it actively resists wear. The foam is covered in latex, painted for appearance, then coated with a water-based sealant that allows each weapon to last for years with regular use.

What this means to you is that these weapons are designed to last for 5 years with regular use in a LARP environment. With proper care and maintenance, they will last far longer. They are extremely damage resistant, but can be easily repaired even if your baby brother takes a pair of scissors to them.

  General Information  

The General Information & Maintenance page has all kinds of good information regarding these products, as well as instructions on their proper care and maintenance.


Ordering from Knighthawk Armoury means that you will receive the highest possible level of customer care before, during, and after the sale.

We also currently have the absolute LOWEST possible prices on Earth for these products!

If you find a legitmately advertised price that is lower than ours, we WILL match it or beat it. That's guaranteed, just call us to make the arrangements.

Our products require a larger initial expenditure than building one yourself, but in the long run the beauty, realism, durability, and added safety of our weapons means that owning a Knighthawk Armoury weapon will give you genuine pride, real joy, and absolute confidence in your LARP weapon.

So come on in, look around, be amazed, and enjoy!

Free Shipping
That's right...FREE SHIPPING is standard on most of our products to all US destinations for all orders totaling $50 or more!
Please note that the following exceptions to the free shipping: 1) Any order that includes one or more shields, 2) orders that include items 48 inches (or 121 cm) or longer in length, 3) arrows, and 4) items on clearance.

In addition, we have drastically reduced the prices on all of our Iron Fortress products, so most of those items are no longer eligible for free shipping. The News page has more details on this change.

All Complete Orders Shipped The Next Business Day
We guarantee that all complete orders are shipped the business day following the receipt of the order!
A complete order is one for which all purchased items are in stock.

Lowest Price Guarantee
We guarantee that we will meet or beat any other legitimately advertised price for the exact same item. When our Free Shipping policy applies, we will factor in the cost of shipping when making the price comparison, to ensure that we are comparing apples to apples. In most cases the shipping on a single longsword is valued at about $18 and shipping on a single shield is valued around $25; please note that this value will vary based on the destination address. Finally, we reserve the right to simply refund your order if we simply cannot match a legitimate price.

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